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Georges Lotigier is the founder and chairman of the OktoCampus group. After graduating as an Electronics and Telecom Engineer in 1982 (Polytech Lille – IMA), Georges was successively project manager for security systems in nuclear power plants (Velec-Sagem), founder of Exer Videocom in 1986 (data and video communication for cable TV networks) and Exer Datacom (value-added distributor of IT and network security solutions – network appliance manufacturer), then of NetASQ/Stormshield in 1998 (network security appliances, Firewall-IPS, part of Airbus Defense since 2012). Georges is also Director of Hexatrust (French grouping of cloud computing and cybersecurity vendors).

See How Remote Work Can Improve Your Business

The sudden shift to remote work challenged Vade Secure in ways that made leadership question its current methods and seek new processes and technologies to optimize operations.

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