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Graham Seymour, Upstack’s VP of Strategy, is a remote-work mega-nerd/evangelist who loves helping out clients like InVision, MealPal, Intercom, Juul, the Chive, and many more to start or scale their remote engineering efforts.

As the premier private network consisting of over one thousand heavily-vetted top 1% remote engineers, Upstack developers bring excitement, expertise, & passion to companies of any type or size – from the one-woman solopreneur startups to the Fortune 500 thought-leaders.

To learn more about Upstack, check out www.upstack.co.

Doing Remote the Right Way: How Top Engineering Leaders Find and Hire the Best Remote Talent

Use these best practices to get you up and running with a cohesive, effective, and scalable team — where ever team members are located.

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