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Joshua Stanphill is a Business Development Manager for ISVs and Strategic Alliances for Epson America’s POS printers. He recently joined Epson coming from two mPOS startups and has a vast array of knowledge around mobile and cloud-based retail point of sale solutions and is considered to be very progressive in his beliefs on the future of where retail and restaurant technology will go. With military, entrepreneurship and software startup experiences, plus an eye for creating beautiful brands and products, Joshua is excited to have joined Epson America in April of this year. His focus at Epson is seeking out emerging markets and products, and to introduce them to the powerful eco-system that Epson can offer to its partners.

NRF 2019 Recap: The Top Technologies Driving the Retail Customer Experience

Interactive AR/VR systems, displays, holograms, robots, and ISV expertise will play vital roles in helping retailers bridge consumers’ e-commerce and in-store experiences.

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