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Kam Kaila is President of IT By Design (ITBD). Having been with the company since 2005, Kam is ITBD’s Brand Ambassador and responsible for building the brand worldwide. She leads the company’s Community initiatives and is the engine behind Build IT, a channel event that facilitates sharing of knowledge by channel educators through templates, tools, and scorecards that help MSPs grow. Along with being a Partner of ITBD, she is the recipient of numerous accolades for channel excellence, including multiple Woman of the Channel and Power 70 accolades, and Influencer of the Year. She is a leader in providing educational content to the IT Channel at other events, webinars, and channel publications.

Kam has a double master’s degree from Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has been a professor at Rutgers University and Hudson County College. A mother of three, she is actively involved with her family and community work.

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