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Ori Pekelman

Ori Pekelman is a technologist with a taste for business. A polyglot developer and software architect, he also worked as a teacher in a design school and had a previous career as a journalist. His job is to translate an incredibly ambitious roadmap that stretches years into the future into a concrete product offering that is not only efficient but also enjoyable to its users.

Over the years he has helped build a number of very successful startups, including: aSmallWorld, AF83, Commerce Guys, and now He is an open-source advocate and promoter and organizer of tech meetups such as ParisDataGeeks, the largest European regular big-data gathering.

Achieve the Cloud-Edge Continuum Without Burdening Developers

The grand period of hyper-scalers is clearly not coming to an end—but things are going to change quite a bit.

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