Part 2: Hire for Bench Strength

When you’re hiring a salesperson for your startup software company, don’t hire a salesperson. When you’re hiring an entry-level manager for your developers, don’t hire an entry-level manager. When you’re hiring a receptionist, don’t hire a receptionist. Kinda contradictory, eh? Instead, hire someone who will start as a salesperson and...

Part 1: The Importance of People Decisions, and the Fallacy of Your Gut

“If it starts right, it finishes right.” My coach repeated that phrase incessantly during the years I played basketball at a small Catholic college in Erie, Pa., and his voice has been in my head ever since as I’ve built several teams over the years in the business world. It’s the...

Part 3: Hire for Character

Serial entrepreneur Jim Estill is known for many things. In 2017, he received international media attention for spending $1.5 million to resettle 58 Syrian refugee families in Canada. One of his other claims to fame is investing in over 150 start-up companies – didn’t I say this guy was...

Part 5: Test, Don’t Guess

It’s a huge mistake to hire candidates based only on their promises. Don’t believe them when they say, “I’m a’gonna …” Skeptically validate their answers by gathering data through pre-employments tests and behavior-focused questions. I love this quote by e-commerce pioneer and start-up expert Jay Samit from his book...

It’s Time for EMV to Reach Smaller Retailers

Visa recently shared research that indicated a 66 percent decrease in counterfeit fraud in the U.S. thanks to merchants shifting to chip-enabled cards (comparing June 2017 to June 2015). This is, of course, great news. However, it’s not time to celebrate just yet. We know that most EMV adoption to...

Part 4: Hire for Critical Thinking Ability

Let me make a hiring-related confession to you. When I’m reviewing résumés, I barely pay attention to the candidate’s school, their degree, and their grade point average. Of course if someone applying for a developer position had a 1.2 GPA in Comic Art from San Jacinto Trucking College, that...

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