Part 2: Hire for Bench Strength

When you’re hiring a salesperson for your startup software company, don’t hire a salesperson. When you’re hiring an entry-level manager for your developers, don’t hire an entry-level manager. When you’re hiring a receptionist, don’t hire a receptionist. Kinda contradictory, eh? Instead, hire someone who will start as a salesperson and...
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Advice from Veteran ISVs to Startups: Keys to Running a Successful Software Business

You may be a genius at software development, but do you need some help running a software business effectively and profitably? Four established ISVs offer their advice.
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Here’s Where ISVs are Failing in Their Marketing

Last month, DevPro Journal shared some results of a joint marketing survey conducted with value-added distributor BlueStar (via their ISV Connect program). Seventy-nine ISVs shared their experiences with marketing — what was working and what wasn’t. In digging further into the data, we learned (not surprisingly) that some ISVs...

Part 1: The Importance of People Decisions, and the Fallacy of Your Gut

“If it starts right, it finishes right.” My coach repeated that phrase incessantly during the years I played basketball at a small Catholic college in Erie, Pa., and his voice has been in my head ever since as I’ve built several teams over the years in the business world. It’s the...

Press Release Writing for Software Development Companies

Are you an ISV startup with a tight marketing budget looking for a simple way to generate some publicity? Learn how to write a press release. Press releases may seem a little passé in a time when people are using digital channels to get their news, but this straightforward, tried-and-true...

3 Secrets to Bigtime ISV Growth

Company Name: INFINIT Consulting Founded: 2005 2016 Sales Revenue Growth Rate: 100% 2017 Projected Sales Revenue Growth Rate: 100% Employees: 20 Phone: (408) 361-8888 Website: Verticals: construction, energy, financial services, manufacturing, nonprofit, retail, tech firms Vendors: Microsoft, Dell, CISCO, Cloudiway, Nimble Storage, SkyKick Distributor: Ingram Micro Jerod Powell remembers well the excitement — and reservations — he felt...

Why 9 Out of 10 Software Startups Fail

The startup world is competitive and leaves little room for error, but you can make it to IPO with an emphasis on important data and utilizing all the tools at your disposal.

5 DevOps Mistakes that Can Crush ISV Startups

Industry experts will tell you the best way to evolve your startup ISV into an established ISV is with DevOps— and they’re probably right. DevOps, however, which has only been in the mainstream for a little less than a decade, can be a difficult concept to master, and many...

Overcoming the Challenges of Software Startup Growth

This ISV shares can’t-miss advice for managing more people, handling organizational issues, and going to market faster.

Create Killer Case Studies In-House: A Developer’s Guide

There’s a lot you can say about the software and apps your business offers, but it is often more powerful when someone else says it. Including social proof on your website and in your marketing materials can help you increase website visitors to prospects, and for a B2B audience,...

The Challenge of Finding — and Refinding — Product-Market Fit

To succeed, you need to deliver the right product to the right market, but, for software startups, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Get Better Every Day: Self-Improvement Techniques for ISV Executives

Earlier this year at the RetailNOW show in Nashville, Jim Roddy, reseller and ISV business advisor at Vantiv, interviewed Jeremy Julian, COO CBS NorthStar. Last year, I interviewed the company’s CEO, Art Julian, and was intrigued by the hospitality VAR-turned-ISV’s insistence that he viewed his company as a 20-year-old...

Increase Your ISV Sales Potential Via Hardware Vendor Partnerships

As an ISV, you have lots of choices when it comes to how you take your product to market. For some, building an IT channel and recruiting VARs (value-added resellers), MSPs (managed services providers) and other IT resellers is a top focus. Others may prefer the direct approach —...

Read This Before Launching a Software Startup in 2022

Stay focused on what will lead to success – providing your users with a product they’ll love.
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Why France is the New Incubator for Start-up ISVs

France is known for a lot of things: fine wine, designer clothes, succulent cuisine… and now it’s starting to be recognized as one of the world’s favorite go-to spots for start-up software companies to set-up shop. France has always been a hotbed for ISVs in Europe, (historically coming in a...

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