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Developers Need to Beat QR Code and @ Bypass Hackings

Organizations need cybersecurity solutions that are savvy enough to scan and flag questionable QR codes, attachments, and images, keeping ahead of hackers.
ChatGPT for coding

Where We See the Biggest Opportunities in Generative AI

As we continue to push boundaries, it's crucial to prioritize transparency, reliability, and efficiency in generative AI development.

How Our Business Complies with SBOM Recommendations

Effectively implementing SBOMs can be challenging, but intelligent use of SBOMs should speed up workflow rather than slow it down.
application security

April Security News Update: The U.S. Government Puts Plans in Motion to Protect Data

The U.S. government takes action to strengthen software security and protect personal and government data, while a study finds that insider threats are a significant risk to data security.
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10 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Large Language Models

LLMs (Large Language Models) offer unparalleled capabilities to unlock valuable information – accelerating decision-making processes and propelling business growth.

Incorporating AI in Restaurant, Retail to Enhance CX (Customer Experience)

Retailers and Restaurants leveraging AI effectively are able to continually deliver service similar to that of their best salesperson.

How to Take Software to Market Fast and With Minimal Security Risks

The security threats introduced by modern development processes go beyond vulnerabilities in code. Here's where to look and what steps to take.

How ISVs in Niche Vertical Markets Can Integrate Payments Successfully

With the right approach and partnerships, ISVs can thrive in niche sectors, shaping the future of integrated payments and customer satisfaction.
application security

The Top 3 Security Threats Developers Need to Defend Against Right Now

APIs, the software supply chain, and containers are three attack vectors ISVs must secure. Here's how.

How AI Tackles Security, Then Unlocks Human Creativity in the Workplace

With AI reducing manual workloads, IT security teams can spend time innovating and, in turn, improve organizational security postures from reactive to proactive.

What Software Companies Need to Know About Data Privacy Laws – and Penalties

Failing to keep pace with data privacy laws is a gamble that could result in severe legal, financial, and reputational repercussions.

3 Ways Developers Can Leverage LLMs Right Now

More than ever, developers must stay ahead of the curve to keep workflows streamlined and software development on pace with business goals. LLMs can help.

Untangling Enterprise AppSec with Developer Trust

Here are some tips to build an environment in which developers can do their best work while naturally following security goals and standards.

Mastering Rust: A Comprehensive Guide to its Strengths and Challenges

Rust has become the go-to choice for crafting dependable and efficient code, adapting seamlessly to the ever-changing digital industry.

Channel Partnerships: A Deep Dive into VAR, ISV and Hardware Vendor Collaboration

Savvy ISVs know that beneficial partnerships are based on multiple factors, not just a name, price, or even technology.

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