Learn how to customize your experience on DevPro Journal.

DevPro Journal is committed to helping our audience navigate the complexities of the B2B software development market. We strive to have our content meet industry standards for accessibility, and we welcome your feedback and questions.

For feedback or problems with accessibility, please contact Be sure to include information about the browser, operating system, and assistive technology you use.

Here are some tips to ensure you have the best possible experience on DevPro Journal:

Accessibility Tools

An accessibility menu on the right-hand side of the browsing window contains tools to help you adjust contrast, font size and color.

Temporarily Adjust Font Size

You can temporarily adjust the font size for your current browser, window, or tab by quickly zooming in on the page. Keep in mind that since this is a temporary solution, font size may not save if you open another tab or window.

For Windows users:

  • Press the CTRL and + keys to zoom in, and the CTRL and – keys to zoom out.

For Mac OS X users:

  • Press the CMD and + keys to zoom in, and the CMD and – keys to zoom out.

Additional Accessibility Resources

You may also have options for customizing DevPro Journal through your device or browser, including the ability to change and retain the text size on your browser, window, or tab, adjust display settings, and enable a screen reader.

To learn more, select by operating system:

Or by web browser:

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