Hasura Releases Enterprise Grade Features so Developers Can Build Mission-Critical Applications Faster

Hasura’s GraphQL Engine grew from 0 to 100 million downloads in 2.5 years, making it the fastest growing open source GraphQL project for the last 2 years.

Hasura, the data access infrastructure company, today announced that it has released version 2.0 of its popular open source GraphQL Engine. The release now enables organizations to simultaneously deploy REST and GraphQL APIs from one configuration to provide a bridge between modern application development and supporting existing REST APIs. This release includes the industry’s first GraphQL API gateway which provides granular authorization to any GraphQL API. Additionally, the release also now supports Google’s BigQuery database in addition to PostgreSQL, SQL Server and MySQL, so developers can easily access the data instantly to accelerate application development.

Hasura GraphQL Engine has seen explosive growth since it was launched in 2018. Downloads grew to 2 million in 2019 and to 100 million in 2020, making it the fastest growing open source GraphQL project over the past two years. Today the project has more than 20,000 GitHub stars. Today’s release is a major milestone for the open source project as well as the GraphQL community and brings Hasura one step closer to delivering on its vision of providing universal secure data access – across data platforms and information silos.

“Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0 confirms that using Hasura as a foundational part of our infrastructure was the right choice,” said Ian Macalinao, Pipe.com’s Head of Product Engineering. “As a startup in the fintech space, we have to continuously innovate while providing the highest levels of data security for our customers. The new enterprise features in Hasura provide us the flexibility to quickly utilize different API formats and data sources, all while securely authorizing highly privileged data to only the right entities.”

Today Hasura also announced the managed service offering of GraphQL Engine, Hasura Cloud, now has AWS VPC peering capability to securely connect their data and infrastructure to Hasura Cloud in a secure private network. Hasura Cloud and Hasura’s on-premises Enterprise Edition, are both powered by Hasura’s GraphQL Engine.

Tanmai Gopal, co-founder and CEO of Hasura said, “Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0 has our most anticipated features that make building mission critical applications in enterprise a reality, accelerating time to market for key initiatives. Hasura’s declarative configuration approach and modern developer experience, coupled with a powerful authorization engine means organizations can innovate fast without compromising on security. Hasura is proving to be the backbone for the next generation of mission critical applications. The days of proprietary data access are over. Technology and user behavior are evolving too fast to completely re-architect systems. Hasura’s vision empowers developers to focus on user experience while re-using their data in new ways.”

Organizations have valuable data they need to access as they build new applications but it is trapped in siloed databases. Rather than trying to use manual approaches to build APIs and worry about security, performance, or trying to consolidate fast-moving operational data, Hasura provides a new option that makes it easy for developers to access the data: simply connect applications by federating access to where the data lives, using a modern API-based approach. With Hasura, developers get flexible data APIs from those sources within minutes to instantly access online data.

With Hasura, developers can rapidly build applications that connect to data without waiting for costly, time-consuming integration and infrastructure projects to finish building the pieces they need. Instead, they can concentrate on solving business problems with data and rapidly build and ship applications that add value to their organizations. The speed and flexibility provided by Hasura are truly transformative for organizations constrained by legacy systems.

“Organizations today want to provide GraphQL access to APIs and data services, while leveraging their existing REST assets with granular controls,” said James Governor, RedMonk co-founder. “Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0 is designed to meet that need, bridge REST and GraphQL with a single management and authentication model, at the row level, across various database sources.”

New Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0 Features

• Simultaneous auto-generation of REST and GraphQL APIs. To ease the transition to GraphQL, Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0 provides the ability to auto-generate REST and GraphQL APIs, enabling organizations to support both formats within a single configuration – saving significant time and cost. This also enables organizations to continue to support existing investments in REST APIs.
• Enhanced security and authorization. Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0 includes the industry’s first GraphQL gateway with built-in authorization so that developers can easily secure all the GraphQL APIs in their organization – not just ones created by Hasura. Using GUI tools or declarative configuration, developers can easily configure granular role and attribute-based access control rules and inheritance policies to prevent unauthorized data use and security breaches in complex enterprise systems.
• Expanded database support for Google BigQuery. In addition to relational database support for PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MySQL, Hasura GraphQL Engine 2.0 provides auto-generated GraphQL APIs for Google BigQuery, eliminating complex data migrations and enabling data unification at the GraphQL layer.

With New Support for AWS’ VPC Peering, Enterprises Can Securely Connect to Hasura Cloud

AWS VPC Peering and security certifications for Hasura Cloud. Hasura Cloud users can use its managed, serverless offering in a private, secure cross-premises network to accelerate data access in enterprise environments utilizing AWS’ VPC Peering. Hasura Cloud is also certified SOC2 Type 1 and HIPAA compliant.

About Hasura
Hasura is helping to build the modern world of globally relevant, data-driven applications and APIs. Hasura’s range of data access solutions helps organizations accelerate product delivery by instantly connecting data and services to applications with GraphQL APIs. For more information, go to: https://hasura.io or follow @HasuraHQ.

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