Incognia Launches Location Identity Solution for Mobile App Developers

Incognia offers a free developer edition of its frictionless mobile fraud prevention solution.

Location identity company Incognia announced the launch of its Developer Edition, a free version of Incognia’s mobile fraud prevention solution for mobile app developers. The offering allows mobile developers to add frictionless fraud prevention to fintech and mcommerce apps, enabling superior UX design and account security within their apps.


Developers benefit from Incognia’s rapid SDK integration and easy-to-use APIs that integrate within minutes and provide actionable insights from day one. The free Developer Edition will enable companies with any size mobile app to increase new account conversions, account security and payment acceptance, while reducing fraud costs, improving user experience and detecting compromised devices. The offering allows for valuable developer resources to be focused on app design, overall user experience and bug fixes, while Incognia works silently in the background, protecting mobile users. The Developer Edition includes free API usage for thousands of requests per month for frictionless identity verification and authentication, while Incognia’s paid enterprise solution is for use in mobile apps with larger mobile user bases.


Mobile transactions are growing rapidly. Driven by the pandemic, mobile adoption boomed in 2020, with mobile transactions soaring by 250%. The total value of mobile payments was over $503 billion and by 2021, mobile users are expected to top 7 billion worldwide. Incognia’s free Developer Edition provides mobile app developers with the tools they need to prioritize app performance and usability, by enabling frictionless security and fraud prevention to run seamlessly in the background.


Incognia uses device intelligence and location behavior to provide a strong trust signal for mobile apps, enabling banks, fintech and mcommerce companies to deliver faster onboarding, increased security, lower fraud and drive higher conversions on mobile. An easy to integrate mobile SDK and intuitive APIs use location signals and motion sensors to recognize legitimate users, deliver highly precise risk scoring and actionable intelligence from day one, for all phases of the user journey, including onboarding, authentication and payments. Incognia can be used as stand-alone fraud detection or integrated with most risk engines.


The key features of Incognia’s free Developer Edition include an SDK, APIs, setup wizard and documentation. The SDK is available for both iOS and Android, supporting rapid integration across platforms. APIs for onboarding and transactions enable faster onboarding, risk-based authentication and seamless transaction approval and fraud detection for mobile payments. Documentation includes easy step-by-step instructions that support integration in minutes.


“Mobile adoption and contactless payments are fueling the growth of mobile apps that process payments and need fraud detection. Along with growth in mobile app usage is growing demand for frictionless mobile experiences that are also secure. We’re excited to launch our developer offering to  allow mobile app developers access to frictionless identity verification and authentication features for mobile users,” said André Ferraz, founder and CEO of Incognia. “With the free Incognia Developer Edition, companies of any size will be able to drive more revenue and reduce costs through their mobile apps while delivering a superior customer experience.”


Incognia’s free Developer Edition is now available. To get started visit the Incognia Developer Portal.


About Incognia


Incognia is a location identity company that enables advanced mobile fraud prevention for banks, fintech and mcommerce companies. Using location behavior Incognia offers frictionless identity verification and authentication. Incognia’s location technology uses network signals and on-device sensors to deliver highly precise location information. By building an anonymous location behavioral pattern, unique for each user, Incognia creates a private digital identity for account security.


Incognia is privately held and headquartered in Palo Alto, California with teams in New York and Brazil.

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