MobiledgeX Rapidly Expands Global Mobile Edge Adoption and Ecosystem

It now counts 30 category-defining developer apps and 13 top-tier operators across Europe, North America, and Asia as part of its global edge network powering use case trials.

MobiledgeX, Inc., which is making edge computing widely accessible and easy to access, today reported that it now counts 30 category-defining developer applications and 13 top-tier mobile operators as part of its fast-growing global edge network initiative. The company first announced its Edge-Cloud R1.0 and initial deployment with Deutsche Telekom earlier this year and it has been steadily adding new operator partners seeking to innovate with new edge availability and advanced capabilities leading into and through their 5G rollouts.

“The next generation of experiences and devices is taking shape before us, powered by real-time immersion, immediacy and insight,” said Eric Braun, CCO of MobiledgeX. “With this next generation of augmented experiences, autonomous machines and AI-driven decision making appearing now, edge computing becomes a prerequisite for adequate performance, scale and security. MobiledgeX and participating operators are making this adoption and extension of the cloud to the operator edge and beyond as easy as possible.”

Edge drives a need for a management layer that seamlessly integrates into current cloud development toolchains while supporting the unique requirements that edge presents to the market. MobiledgeX has identified the following as key features to successfully enable the edge ecosystem while benefiting from the unique aspects of telecom:

  • A self-service console for developers to autonomously manage their software deployment across all operators’ distributed edge infrastructure – one agreement, one management plane, one operational standard;
  • Support for standalone containers, Docker compose, Kubernetes and VMs along with the use of specialized hardware like GPUs;
  • The Distributed Matching Engine automatically matches users to the nearest available edge location while taking into account specified developer policies and operator policies;
  • Orchestration and application deployment independent from underlying infrastructure for multi-cloud, multi-vendor, and multi-access homogeneity;
  • Declarative autonomous deployment of application containers and VMs, zero-touch management of configuration, security, load balancing and scale based on demand-side client load. Also, support for policy-driven multi-site rolling upgrade; and
  • Trust proxy for non-cellular devices like AR glasses, robots and drones, for example, using a smartphone and the cellular control plane.

In June of this year, MobiledgeX announced its “Edge Experience” initiative to simplify how application developers and device makers develop, integrate and test innovation in live edge networks. Select members of MobiledgeX’s inaugural Early Access Program in Central Europe were onboarded. These companies are focused on edge benefits ranging from compute offload, latency, privacy, and predictive quality of experience (QOE) to mobile data thinning and dynamic grouping. The Early Access Program expands into Asia this month, with North America following in October.

In addition, MobiledgeX is now driving market adoption by engaging the entire edge ecosystem with hackathons and structured use case exploration. MobiledgeX recently co-sponsored an application developer hackathon with SK Telecom in Korea that highlighted the demand for edge use case discovery, innovation and support. The next MobiledgeX sponsored developer hackathon will be held next week in Krakow with T-Mobile Poland, Hubraum and Samsung.

“Momentum around edge computing trials and experimentation is starting to gain steam as more mobile operators safely open their trusted networks to pilots and production use cases and take steps toward creating global edge availability while we aggregate, normalize and simplify access to these resources for application developers and device makers,” said Sunay Tripathi, CTO of MobiledgeX. “With over a dozen top mobile operators now part of our expanding edge network and more to be announced in the coming months, we are focused on building the winning edge ecosystem through the implementation of the key required features and technology.”

About MobiledgeX Inc. MobiledgeX Inc. is building a marketplace of edge resources and services that will connect developers with the world’s largest mobile networks to power the next generation of applications and devices. MobiledgeX is an edge computing company founded by Deutsche Telekom AG and headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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