Ondat Launches First SaaS Platform for Developer and DevOps Teams to Build and Run Stateful Kubernetes Applications

Users can now easily deploy and manage persistent storage volumes, as well as deploy their own database as a service.

Ondat, the leading Kubernetes-native storage platform provider, announced the beta launch of a new, first-of-its-kind SaaS platform to allow customers to easily deploy and manage stateful Kubernetes applications with persistent data volumes.

The Ondat SaaS platform provides operators with a holistic view of their Kubernetes and data resources enabling them to manage those from one place. In addition, now it is possible for customers to deploy their own database-as-a-service (DBaaS) to their users.

“As more stateful workloads migrate to Kubernetes environments, access to enterprise-grade data services are essential for success. Access to persistent data volumes and ability to deploy database as a service in a self-service way empowers developers and ensures stability, security and robustness of containers at scale,” said Archana Venkatraman, associate research director – cloud data management, IDC Europe. “Cloud-like experience in managing data services for containers can be a game changer.”

The Ondat platform makes it easy for developers to build and deploy production-ready, stateful applications and services, anywhere, while benefiting from the composability, scale, performance and high availability that is expected for business-critical applications. By offering operators a single cohesive persistence layer for Kubernetes, it lets them move their business data freely between platforms and provides operators with a holistic view of their Kubernetes and data resources enabling them to manage those from one place.

Now, instead of using a command line to log into clusters, the Ondat SaaS platform enables operators and DevOps teams to connect to clusters and quickly deploy production-grade data services for developers and other users.

“The SaaS platform allows teams to deploy consistent production-ready data services while preventing lock-in to legacy storage vendors and cloud providers,” said James Brown, head of product and platforms at Ondat. “This adds enterprise reliability and improves performance while reducing complexity and cost.”

“Our organization is tasked with delivering rapid technical innovation for the CAFOM Group. For us this means building on Kubernetes. Ondat provides a fast, safe and simple, self-service option for our developers to build production-ready stateful applications at scale,” said Paul Guichon, SRE (site reliability engineering) director at Amarena. “But it not only provides vital guardrails to ensure resilience and optimum application performance, Ondat has enabled us to manage and optimize storage and platform costs—reducing these by an order of magnitude.”

The SaaS platform is currently available as a beta release. Those interested to learn more and participate can sign up here.

About Ondat

Ondat is the Kubernetes-native platform for running stateful applications, anywhere, at scale. Ondat delivers persistent storage directly onto any Kubernetes cluster for running business-critical, stateful applications safely across any public, private and hybrid clouds. For development, DevOps professionals and technology executives, it provides an agnostic platform to run any data service anywhere while ensuring industry-leading levels of application performance, high availability and security.

DevPro Journal Staff