Orbita Introduces New Capabilities to Accelerate Development of AI-Powered Virtual Healthcare Assistants

Conversational AI platform provider adds a solution accelerator for rapid deployment of voice and chat applications to find doctors, find location details, schedule appointments.

Orbita, Inc., provider of healthcare’s most powerful conversational AI platform, today unveiled a new solution accelerator that enables healthcare organizations to quickly and easily deploy consumer-facing voice and chat applications that can assist with finding services and providers and schedule appointments. The new Orbita Consumer Services Accelerator will be showcased at VOICE Summit 2019, July 22-25 in Newark, NJ, which is expected to draw more than 5,000 voice application developers and enthusiasts.

Among healthcare c-suite executives, 69 percent report that improving the healthcare consumer experience is their organization’s first or second top strategic priority in 2019, according to just-published research from Sage Growth Partners.  With Orbita’s new Consumer Services Accelerator, healthcare organizations can quickly deploy voice and chatbot conversational experiences to websites and mobile applications to fulfill common service requests like “Where can I find a physician close to home?”, “Can you recommend a female dermatologist near me who takes my insurance?”, and “Is there a pharmacy at your clinic?”

Organizations use the Orbita Consumer Services Accelerator to:

  • Improve the patient experience with a 24×7 virtual assistant that supports text, touch, and hands-free voice input
  • Reduce call center volume and increased staff efficiency with a virtual assistant that answers common questions and auto-routes patients to aligned resources and service lines
  • Improve patient loyalty and brand advocacy by dynamically addressing each consumer’s unique and changing needs

“Healthcare organizations are tapping the power of voice and chat interfaces to deliver more natural, conversational experiences that improve engagement and user satisfaction,” said Orbita CEO Bill Rogers. “Our new best practice-based, out-of-the-box solution accelerator is designed to increase efficiency and flexibility when creating and deploying popular healthcare consumer offerings.”

The Orbita Consumer Services Accelerator enhances the company’s award-winning, HIPAA-compliant conversational AI platform for applications in healthcare and can be readily integrated into enterprise scheduling systems and other backend environments. Technical and non-technical users can access the easy-to-understand interfaces of the Orbita Experience Manager to readily modify, extend, and customize consumer service-focused conversational dialogs. Users can also leverage Orbita Insights, a robust analytics engine, to secure actionable insights for testing and improving conversational flows.

About Orbita
Orbita offers healthcare’s most powerful conversational AI platform for delivering intuitive, dynamic and personalized voice and chatbot virtual assistants. Leading organizations across healthcare sectors rely on Orbita to create and manage HIPAA-compliant, omnichannel virtual assistants that improve customer service, enhance consumer marketing, and extend patient engagement beyond brick and mortar facilities. Orbita’s intuitive low-code and no-code environments, and pre-built healthcare-specific solution frameworks reduce development time and lower maintenance costs for enterprise-grade virtual assistants. https://orbita.aihello@orbita.ai, +1 617-804-5550

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