PAYCOQ Chooses DH2i to Ensure IT Infrastructure High Availability (HA), Disaster Recoverability (DR), Lower Costs

DxEnterprise enables premier providers of all-in-one mobile point-of-sale (POS) software applications to ensure customer payment services are always-on and data is always available.

DH2i, the world’s leading provider of multi-platform Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Smart Availability software, today announced that PAYCOQ, the world’s premier provider of all-in-one mobile point-of-sale (POS) software and services, has deployed DH2i’s DxEnterprise software to ensure the high availability (HA) and disaster recoverability (DR), as well as to lower the overall costs, of its IT infrastructure.

With PAYCOQ, businesses ensure safe, efficient and reliable mobile payment transactions for their end customers. Likewise, the speed, simplicity and convenience of PAYCOQ payments lead to an improved customer experience (CX) that results in increased sales and a bolstered bottom line. Key to that customer experience, for both PAYCOQ business clients and end customers, is the continuous availability of the PAYCOQ app, services and data. Consequently, PAYCOQ’s backend IT infrastructure remains a top priority for the company. However, as a result of PAYCOQ’s continuous success and customer base growth, its IT infrastructure had also grown — in size, complexity and expense. PAYCOQ recognized that it required a solution that would enable it to get its arms around its IT, simplify management and lower costs.

PAYCOQ turned to its trusted advisor Korea Cyber Tech, who after careful consideration of PAYCOQ’s business and IT challenges and goals, recommended DH2i’s DxEnterprise multi-platform Smart Availability and Disaster Recovery (DR) software for Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, Oracle and Docker containers. Korea Cyber Tech continuously conducts extensive research and hands-on testing. It had determined that DxEnterprise not only offered the most robust, production-proven solution for HA and DR, but it also came at the most attractive price that would ensure fast and unparalleled ROI.

“PAYCOQ had very strict requirements for a solution that would meet its internal governance and external compliance mandates for ensuring the availability, integrity, security and continuity of the sensitive personal and financial data processed across its systems,” said KiSeop Chang, Executive Director, Technical Department, Korea Cyber Tech. “We had previously explored other HA and DR solutions and had come to the conclusion that none could compete with DxEnterprise’s ability to ensure the availability of, protect and optimize enterprise IT environments.”

“We had also conducted our own research of the available solutions, and were gratified that Korea Cyber Tech had come to the same conclusion – DH2i DxEnterprise was the ideal choice.

With DxEnterprise we have been able to transform our IT environment. We now enjoy greater clustering flexibility and are able to decouple application workloads, file shares and services from the underlying infrastructure without having to standardize the entire environment on just one version/edition of an operating system or database. And, we can rest assured that our workloads will be deployed in each one’s best execution venue for maximum performance, protection and efficiency,” said Lee Dongyeol, Executive Director, PAYCOQ. “The result of which has been virtually non-existent downtime.” He continued, “Of course, the significant cost savings we are enjoying via the consolidation or our IT resources and associated licensing, as well as the management simplification, is also a tremendous boon.”

“PAYCOQ recognized it required an integrated strategy and solution for protecting and managing its critically important systems and data, spread across its large heterogeneous environment,” said Don Boxley, CEO and Co-Founder of DH2i. “With DxEnterprise, PAYCOQ has been able to achieve true business continuity and digital resilience, while dramatically lowering all associated capital and operational expense.”
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PAYCOQ is the world’s premier provider of all-in-one mobile point-of-sale (POS) software and services. By installing its PAYCOQ application, business owners are able to securely, quickly and easily process bankcard transactions without dipping or swiping cards into POS machines. PAYCOQ is the first company that adapted Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in the payment industry. By using the PAYCOQ app, customers are able to pay with any type of card or payment method including credit, debit, NFC, QR code & barcode, whereas merchants do not require additional gun scanners or NFC devices. To learn more, please visit

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