Tempo Brings Automation into Flagship Time Management Solution

The launch of Tempo's time management product follows a year of rapid growth.

Tempo, a leader in team time management and productivity-enhancing solutions, today announced new automation features for Tempo Timesheets, the leading time tracking solution for development teams in Jira. The new Tempo Timesheets automates the time-tracking process with one-click, freeing developers from having to stop what they’re doing to log time for different projects, so they can continue the pursuit of building great software. Adding automation to Tempo Timesheets guarantees organizations will have a comprehensive view of how development teams are deployed, and where necessary productivity and time investment improvements can be made.

Understanding time is crucial for organizations with development teams as they need to comprehend how time–their most precious and finite resource–is used. Traditional time tracking software is clunky and unintuitive and frequently costs users time, rather than saving them more of it. Adding automation to Tempo Timesheets makes tracking time effortless for teams, and gives business leaders the key insights they need to understand and optimize their development teams’ work.


New features remove frustrating, manual efforts and increase the business’s ability to optimize resources be they product, project or development, without losing focus on making great software. Tempo’s new automation focuses on being non-intrusive and provides detailed configurations around data sharing.

“Tempo’s position as the market’s clear leader in integrated time management and team productivity solutions affords us the opportunity to bring in best practices from our thousands of global customers, ensuring we always deliver the best, most innovative applications that unlock value,” said Mark Lorion, CEO, Tempo. “Automation makes it easier to focus on the numbers that really matter – the true costs of software development, and visibility into the process of development so time can be optimized on the projects with the best returns on that investment.”

Over the past year, Tempo has grown quickly as more development teams embrace the Jira Software development platform for their agile projects:

  • Largest quarter ever for annualized recurring revenue (ARR) expansion and added more than 1,200 customers in Q1 2021
  • Q1 Sales driven by nearly 400 active value added reselling solution partners
  • Tempo customers logged more than 195 million total team activities and events in Q1
  • Hired 36 new team members in Q1

Customer’s are open with their endorsement of Tempo and how the productivity tools have helped their organization thrive.

“We’re a large state university with five campuses in Arizona, and others in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., for which we’re constantly creating and maintaining applications for university-wide projects, and a broad portfolio of products and services. Our yearly budgets are set well in advance so ensuring our development resources are assigned to the projects which create maximum value is critical,” said John Wilson, Systems Analyst Principal, UTO Service Delivery, Arizona State University. “We’ve relied on Tempo to give us visibility into what projects we’re spending our time on; now we’ll get an automatic snapshot of exactly where our resources have been deployed, their progress, and how we can better use those resources for maximum return.”

About Tempo

Tempo Software offers integrated applications for time management, resource planning, and budget management for software engineering and product management teams. Our customers gain an unrivaled understanding of time and effort, and they improve how their teams plan and manage their work. This provides an aligned understanding of and plan for how time –the most precious, and finite resource–is optimized.  Tempo Software is seamlessly integrated across popular DevOps tools and a natural and automated part of users’ workflows.

Headquartered in Boston and with offices in Reykjavik, Iceland and Montreal, Canada, Tempo Software is one of the largest and most successful companies in the Atlassian ecosystem.  Tempo has more than 20,000 customers across a range of industries in more than 100 countries It works with hundreds of partners around the world, offering resale, training, and consultancy in local languages. Tempo is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, with Japanese coming soon.

To learn more about Tempo, visit www.tempo.io

DevPro Journal Staff