Programs That Make the Learning Process Easier

Here are the top five apps that can help you sharpen your knowledge and obtain new skills.

Learning is a continuous process that doesn’t end when you graduate from college. If you want to build and run a business, you should learn. If you want to grow professionally and land a job in a successful company, you should also be a quick learner. Ability and willingness to learn are especially important for developers and other IT professionals because this industry evolves and changes quickly. You should keep up with the latest trends and familiarize yourself with new technologies.

Obviously, effective and productive learning is especially important for students. College and university students always have to deal with countless assignments. When dealing with writing assignments, students can order academic help from top writing services. No matter what your area of study is, you can always check ratings and choose a service that meets your requirements. However, nobody can manage your time and organize your learning process for you.

In this article, we will consider the best programs for learners. No matter whether you’re a student or a professional who wants to sharpen knowledge and obtain new skills, these apps will help you learn easily and stay productive.

Top 5 Apps for Learners

1. Forest

Nothing hurts studying more than distractions, and the most common source of distractions is a smartphone. Forest will help you put your phone aside when working. In this app, you can grow a virtual garden by not opening any other apps on your phone. Open Forest, set a timer, and plant a virtual seed. This seed will grow until you decide to use another app.

If you manage to stay away from your social media long enough, you’ll be able to collect virtual currency. This app partners with Trees for the Future so it enables you to help fund a reforestation program in Africa. By avoiding social media and other time-killing apps, you can not only grow a virtual tree but also help plant real trees where people need them.

2. Evernote

This is one of the most popular note-taking apps, and users love it for a good reason. It has impressive functionality, and it enables you to easily synchronize your notes across all of your devices. It’s not just another cloud-based notepad but a powerful tool that can help you create notes, attach documents, set due dates, add checklists, record voice files, and share your notes with others. The free version is already very useful, but you can also purchase the premium subscription for additional features.

3. Notability

This app is different from other note-taking solutions because it offers you creative freedom. If you don’t want to be limited by regular text notes, you will certainly appreciate Notability and an opportunity to save handwritten notes. You can install this app on your phone or tablet and create handwritten notes, draw sketches or schemes. You can also annotate PDF documents and add captions to photos.

4. Todoist

This is a great task manager app that has more than 20 million users from all over the world. If you’re not good at planning your day, this app certainly will help you. It enables you to create detailed schedules for a day, week, month, or year. You can create countless customized to-do lists and sort them by topics. With this app, you can keep all of your plans in one place, choosing different colors for different tasks and sorting them by priority so that you can organize them easily.

5. Quizlet

Memorizing a lot of information isn’t easy. Many people use flashcards to refresh the most important information that they’ve learned in their memory, but preparing flashcards takes a lot of time. Thanks to Quizlet, you can create hundreds of digital flashcards and take them wherever you go.

The app has a minimalistic interface and allows you to create customized flashcards on any topic or choose topics from dozens of pre-made sets. You can experiment with the design of your sets and add diagrams, charts, or images to make your flashcards as informative as possible. You can also share your flashcards with others.

Final Thoughts

Our list of the best apps for learners will help you organize your workflow, stay productive, and retain more information. Some apps can help you avoid distractions, while others offer a great alternative to traditional note-taking. If you choose the right software, the learning process will become much easier.


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