Optimizing Content for an Software Developer’s Website

SEO Optimization

Content on an your website is crucial for two things: first, to convince businesses to buy your product; and second, to generate more website traffic and reach wider audiences. For your guidance, DevPro Journal previously listed down the top essential elements of any ISV website. A few tips covered there emphasize the importance of creating good landing pages, showcasing your team’s expertise, and communicating a clear value proposition. For this guide, however, we’ll zero in on how to optimize your website’s content to boost your inbound marketing strategy.

#1. Post Consistently

Search engines tend to value fresh content. With new blog posts at least two or three times a week, a website has more chances of being indexed higher in search results. More published content also presents more opportunities for a website to contain certain keywords or explore topics that target audiences are concerned about. However, the focus shouldn’t simply be on the number of content items you churn out. Search engines also value high quality and original posts, which means each new piece of website content should follow high standards for it to appear frequently on search results.

#2. Add Video Content

In general, users prefer consuming video content to text. Search Engine Watch notes that videos have 41% higher click-through rates, as well as higher conversion rates and ROI, than text-based posts. Furthermore, videos also improve a website’s SEO efforts. Aside from improved traffic thanks to more click-throughs, videos also help lower a website’s bounce rate. That’s because visitors spend more time on a page with video than on one without. Lastly, video content improves an your chances of getting backlinks.

#3. Attractive Blog Headlines Matter, But Don’t Stop There

Creative headlines for blog posts do not really help a website with SEO. An SEO guide by The Balance explains that writing headlines for web requires a different approach from what we’ve been taught in school. Generally, one has to ensure a keyword phrase in the headline, although it shouldn’t stop there. To improve the content’s search ranking, one has to also mention the keyword phrase several times within the article. Again, headlines can only do so much.

The content itself should be of high quality, and as much as possible, should not contain any recycled content from other websites. Something that you can work on in order to improve your original content is your brand voice. Digital marketing agency Ayima suggests that a brand voice is what distinguishes a company from its competitors. This is needed so that the audience can recognize a piece of content and associate it with your brand. Perhaps certain content may perform well in terms of SEO, but applying the brand voice to it will have long-term effects when it comes to building your client base.

#4. Improve Mobile Responsiveness

Now that Google has rolled out its mobile-first index, it’s important more than ever to build a mobile-friendly website. Numerous statistics show that mobile usage has surpassed desktop, and that companies spend more on mobile marketing than they did several years ago. ISVs should continue this trend and make sure their websites and content are easy to navigate on mobile. It should be assumed that clients have hectic schedules, thus would only have time to browse for information on mobile.

#5. Include Case Studies

ISV websites often list clients the company has worked with. But to be a step ahead of the pack, you should also consider adding some of your best works on their websites. Case studies and customer testimonials can help build a product’s reputation and further entice potential clients. For startup ISVs, the first customers are the most crucial. If given excellent customer service, these clients can serve as natural advocates for your brand.


A lot of content optimization has to do with ensuring that all content maintains high standards while also being SEO-friendly. For startup ISVs, SEO best practices are essential in boosting your online presence. Never underestimate the power of optimized content, which provides you with better chances of being noticed by businesses. 


Albert Alekseeva is a San Francisco-based marketing consultant for a number of companies across the tech industry. When he’s not working to help innovators connect with their target audiences, Albert enjoys fishing and running.