7 Pandemic Sales and Marketing Processes That You’ll Adopt Long Term

ISVs who have been able to adapt during the pandemic have discovered new ways of doing business in a post-pandemic world.

To state the obvious, the coronavirus pandemic dramatically changed how all of us conduct business. Luckily, ISVs and merchants who have been able to adapt on the fly discovered new ways of doing business that will continue to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the many sales and marketing processes that gained steam during the height of the coronavirus outbreak…and will have staying power long after COVID-19 is fully and finally in our rearview mirror.

Contactless payments, deliveries, and BOPIS are here to stay.

Let’s face it: Now that consumers have experienced the convenience of options like delivery services, curbside pickup, and contactless checkout, they don’t just want businesses to continue to offer these payment options, they’ll be expecting them to do so. As an ISV, you can help merchants meet this demand.

Using technology to keep in touch.

With remote work and online shopping more popular than ever, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in bringing us all together. Whether it’s video and voice chat software that allow you to perform online product demos for merchants, or attend virtual trade shows, you should continue to avail yourself of the technology available to make connecting with others easier than ever. You can also demonstrate your value to your merchants by keeping them up-to-date on the latest technologies available to them to connect to their customers.

A commitment to remaining nimble.

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that none of us fully knows what the future holds. The lesson? We should all redouble our commitment to remaining nimble while educating merchants on the flexible solutions we have to offer in our sales and marketing initiatives. Remaining flexible will allow us all to be more trusted, responsive, and effective partners to merchants whose needs may change at a moment’s notice.

Digital and social are as important as ever.

COVID-19 helped accelerate the trends of businesses both increasing their presence on social media sites to connect with customers, and their reliance on ecommerce solutions to increase their sales. Even with social distancing being scaled back, these trends will undoubtedly continue as merchants become more and more comfortable in the virtual world. That means more opportunities for you to engage with merchants online, and to educate them on the next-generation ecommerce solutions you can offer them.

A renewed focus on inventory management.

When it comes to products and services, now more than ever, customers expect your merchants to have exactly what they’re looking for. These rising customer expectations make proper inventory management more important than ever. By partnering with the right payments technology company, you can offer merchants access to the latest analytics-based tools to help them more effectively manage their inventories so they never miss out on a potential sale.

A commitment to the customer journey.

Now more than ever, savvy merchants understand the importance of thinking beyond a single sale to focus on the entire customer journey, including pre- and post-purchase. Make sure your sales and marketing efforts detail the “plug and play” solutions that beyond offering ease of installation, can help provide the most frictionless customer journey possible.

The growth of augmented reality.

Another trend that has gained traction during COVID-19 is augmented reality (AR). Like video chat, this interactive technology has helped businesses find new ways of conducting business remotely. AR simulates the experience of face-to-face interactions and is another solution you can offer to merchants looking to connect with their customers.

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COVID-19 had a devastating impact on many businesses. Now, as all of us begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we have a unique opportunity to use the lessons learned during the height of the pandemic to help merchants bounce back stronger than ever while also growing our own portfolios.

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Chris Lenz

Chris Lenz is Vice President of ISV Sales for North American Bancard.

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Chris Lenz

Chris Lenz is Vice President of ISV Sales for North American Bancard.