Grow Using the Right Business Software

The ops side of your software business can grow more efficient, cost-effective, and productive with the implementation of these five types of business software.

Time is money. The more work a team can accomplish in a specified period, the more revenue a business can generate. It’s a fact that companies in virtually every market have embraced, some even before Henry Ford and the assembly line.

Saving time or doing more with available resources may be a part of the value
proposition you present to your customers and prospects. You may stress that if
your customers use your software, they can increase efficiency and productivity. Your
applications may help lean organizations improve product quality or minimize errors,
saving time and decreasing waste. Or the software products you develop may eliminate
delays in customer service, enabling your users to serve more customers throughout the

You’ve built your business on the value your applications provide and back up your
claims with testimonies, case studies and data — there’s no doubt in your mind that
leveraging technology for greater efficiency and productivity works.

The picture of the ultra-efficient, automated business environment that you paint for
your clients, however, may not be representative of how your business operates. Your
team may struggle to find the information they need to do their jobs, collaborate with
peers, and build customer relationships. There may also be disconnects between
departments and systems that need to share data to maintain cash flow. On the other
hand, your operation may work like clockwork, but you continue, at least to some
degree, to rely on manual processes, which you know are holding you back from greater
competitiveness and the ability to innovate.

In either case, it’s time to practice what you preach.

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