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Accessibility Is the Key to Kiosk Market Growth

Explore how you can build impactful kiosk solutions that provide convenient, efficient experiences to all users.

Digital Accessibility: Getting Started With the POUR Principles

Building with digital accessibility in mind is critical for software developers looking to ensure user-friendly and inclusive applications.

Digital Accessibility is No Longer a Choice; It’s a Necessity.

Developing an accessible web application requires an intentional, holistic approach. Here are some concrete steps for you to take to make your software available to all.

MicroTouch Collaborates with Exertis Almo to Bring Integrators New Interactive Touch Displays

As part of the agreement, Exertis Almo now provides MicroTouch’s full range of products, including its brand new 27-inch open frame touch monitors for retail and hospitality use and new Mach series desktop and digital signage interactive touch displays.

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