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A Balancing Act: Shielding Right While Shifting Left

A balance must be struck where adequate shield right protection mechanisms are in place to support a more secure shift left adoption.

Enterprises Automate Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to Streamline Cloud Management

env0, a provider of automated, collaborative remote-run workflow management for cloud deployments, today highlighted continued adoption of the company's cloud infrastructure automation platform by...

Copado Acquires Leading DevSecOps Company to Streamline Security and Compliance for Enterprise Digital Transformations

Copado, a leading DevOps platform powering the world’s largest digital transformations, today announced it has acquired New Context. New Context is a leading U.S-based...

nClouds Achieves SOC 2 Certification For Its Consulting Services

nClouds, an award-winning provider of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DevOps consulting and implementation services, a leading MSP, and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner,...

New xMatters Feature Advancements Power a Data-Driven DevOps Approach to Automated Incident Response

xMatters (www.xmatters.com), developer of the leading digital service availability platform that prevents technical issues from becoming business problems, today announced new feature advancements designed...

Shifting from Monitoring to Observability Lowers Costs and Improves Customer Satisfaction

DevOps and ITOps teams must evolve past monitoring into observability, which invites investigation by unlocking data from siloed log analytics applications.

5 DevOps Trends You’ll See in 2021

The industry has embraced this effective methodology – and the best is yet to come.

How to Make DBAs a Part of the DevOps CI/CD Team

Fostering a culture where historically siloed departments now work together has a wide range of benefits for your company.

Are Software Developers Taking Full Advantage of APIs?

As the software development industry continues to evolve, APIs, both providing and consuming them, will be a more common part of your processes.

How Developers Should Prepare for 2021

COVID-19 created an opportunity to drive innovation and build a DevSecOps culture that emphasizes speed and agility while integrating security seamlessly throughout the software lifecycle.

What are the Most Commonly Used Software Development Tools?

Looking for a new tool for your software development team? See what your peers and competitors are using.

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