Datical Announces Support for Liquibase 3.7, Furthering Ongoing Commitment to Open Source Community for Database Change

Additional plans Include strategic partnerships with database vendors, personnel hires dedicated exclusively to Liquibase.

Datical, the leading provider of database release automation solutions, today announced support for Liquibase 3.7 in a continued effort to empower the millions of software professionals who use the open source project for managing database schema changes. Additionally, Datical is investing in strategic partnerships with database vendors including Cassandra, Cockroach Labs, Couchbase, and SAP HANA, among others, to increase community contribution. Datical also currently employs multiple engineers devoted solely to Liquibase, with plans to hire more engineers and a community manager this year.

Liquibase is the leading open source solution enabling application teams to version and track database changes. Version 3.7 includes DB2 for z/OS bug fixes and improvements, as well as developments to State Based Management and Change Set Generation. It also features support for NOVALIDATE keywords on Oracle Constraints, so users have the ability to create or recreate constraints without incurring the cost of validation of existing data.

“Liquibase is the undisputed leader for open source database change, and Datical is 100% dedicated to continue its ongoing efforts to support the Liquibase community,” said Nathan Voxland, founder of Liquibase and architect at Datical. “Datical has multiple engineers who focus on Liquibase, whether that’s regarding updates or bug fixes—and there will be a lot more community updates in the coming months. We’re excited about partnering with fellow leaders in the database market and hiring a community manager to better bolster these efforts as new versions are released. We are committed to increasing our investment in Liquibase by increasing the capabilities, news, documentation and community contribution.”

Users who rely on Liquibase’s capabilities to reconcile environments, or to generate change sets for database migrations, will benefit from key issue fixes and improvements in Liquibase 3.7, including:

  • Increased atomicity of changes in generated change logs. The diffChangeLog operation now returns one—and only one—change in each generated change set. This increased atomicity makes it simpler for users to recover from deployment errors, as they don’t have to worry about the additional overhead of manually correcting their change log and tracking changes in the databases to which they have deployed.
  • Improvements to snapshots of multiple catalog/database projects. Users who manage change to multiple databases (or catalogs) for a single project or application will benefit from improvements to capabilities across catalogs. Improvements in dependency ordering and the accuracy of change sets produced by comparing two environments (online or offline) make it easy to understand and reconcile differences across the application pipeline.
  • Support for NOVALIDATE keywords on Oracle Constraints. This update allows users to create or recreate constraints without incurring the cost of validation of existing data.

To learn more about Liquibase 3.7, visit: https://www.liquibase.org/2019/07/liquibase-3-7-0-released.html

To learn more about the open position of Liquibase community manager, visit: https://www.datical.com/company/careers/?gh_jid=1803669



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