With 25,000 stores using their software around the world, Vend is committed to providing its customers with the highest value. Vend not only designed its cloud-based point of sale (POS) and retail management software to be easy to use, but also flexible. Merchants choose Vend to help them create loyalty-building customer experiences at a traditional, stationary point of sale, as well as when they use mobile POS in-store and on the go at pop-up shops, outdoor events, or festivals.

“Retailers who choose Vend are looking to scale and grow their businesses,” says Jake West, Director of North American Business Development at Vend.  “We know our customers need to see ongoing value, so we’re committed to delivering that value and showing measurable ROI.”

So, when expanding its integrated payments offerings, Vend looks for solutions that align with the ease of use, flexibility and value that Vend’s software delivers.

The Payment Solution

North American Bancard checked all the boxes for Vend’s ideal partner, with an integrated solution that drives value for merchants. In addition to providing simple and intuitive user experiences for both merchants and their customers, North American Bancard handles all device provisioning and deployment, which makes go-live an easy and straightforward process for resellers.

North American Bancard also made the partnership and integration easy for Vend.  North American Bancard’s technology stack enables one integration to accommodate all users on a wide variety of devices — whether iOS Mac or PC — regardless of how they want to transact. “A lot of payment companies don’t have the tech stack to cover all types of users with one integration,” West comments.

He adds that North American Bancard was also easy to reach and responsive whenever the Vend team had a question. Furthermore, West adds, “They put resources on the table to get the integration done quickly.”

Josh Griffin, communication strategist at North American Bancard, says, “When we see a partner like Vend that has the potential to truly engage in a cooperative and unifying partnership, we’re willing to work with them because they’re willing to work with us.”

“Vend is a world-class solution,” says Griffin. “It’s one of the best releases we’ve had. We’re extremely pleased with the partnership.”

New Connections

The Vend-North American Bancard partnership also offers a variety of benefits to the two companies’ reseller partners. VARs now have the ability to sell an integrated solution comprised of a world class POS and retail management solution and best-in-class payment processing that allows merchants to use their payment platform of choice, without additional middleware or gateway fees.

The integrated solution significantly improves long term results for reseller partners. Merchants are less likely to churn from an integrated solution which protects the resellers’ payment residuals. On top of that, resellers establish a new recurring revenue stream from Vend monthly subscriptions, as well as lucrative upfront bonuses and incentives.

West says North American Bancard’s progressive approach to matching each merchant with the optimal POS solution was another factor in Vend’s decision to partner.  “North American Bancard has the ability to bring its sales community together with best-in-class ISVs. They invest in training their resellers on the POS software solutions they integrate with, and they have a marketplace where they list ISV integrations,” West explains, “A lot of ISOs look at ISVs as competition. But working together is the best way to provide real value to merchants. That forward thinking marketplace made North American Bancard a no-brainer for us.”

A Partnership that Gets Results

Vend is already seeing interest from North American Bancard resellers. “We get one or two calls per day contacting us about the joint solution,” says West. “We’re a month in, and we’re ecstatic with the response.”

The response from merchants is also positive. Although the partnership is new, there are merchants using and benefitting from the joint solution, saving time on each transaction and on end-of-day reconciliation — which can add up to an hour each day they can devote to other areas of their businesses.

“It streamlines processes and drives measurable ROI,” says West. “It gives Vend, our resellers and our merchant customers the ability to grow. It’s a win-win-win.” 

Bernadette Wilson

Bernadette Wilson, a DevPro Journal contributor, has 19 years of experience as a journalist, writer, editor, and B2B marketer.

Bernadette Wilson, a DevPro Journal contributor, has 19 years of experience as a journalist, writer, editor, and B2B marketer.