Internet of Things (IoT) Quiz For ISVs

Internet of Things

Looking to cash in on one of the hottest trends in IT today — IoT? You aren’t alone. Many ISVs and integrators know that IoT can provide tangible benefits and real ROI to customers in almost any market. As such, the opportunity is huge. Unfortunately, many dive in without fully understanding some of the key aspects of these solutions.

With that in mind, DevPro Journal teamed up with Zebra Technologies’ Developer Relations team to produce the following 13 question quiz for you and your colleagues to take. Zebra is leading the development of intelligent, enterprise-level solutions that provide visibility into what is happening in customer environments and recommending the next best move or action. The company’s vision is to mobilize operational data from devices, analyze it and drive smarter, faster workflow decisions by users anywhere, any time. Learn more at the Zebra Developer Portal.

Passing the quiz won’t mean you’re ready to develop IoT solutions, but it will provide a good indicator that you’re on the right path. Good luck!

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