5 Common Mistakes ISVs Make When Choosing a Payments Provider

5Tie themselves to a single payment processor

The result for ISVs is that they:

  • Can’t dictate processing platforms to merchants. Many ISVs have learned this lesson the hard way. Regardless of the individual merits of the payment processor to which they’ve integrated directly, the simple fact is that a single-processor solution will not cover the needs of all merchants. Point of Sale providers simply cannot universally dictate the payment processing relationship for their merchant customers as many will have existing banking relationships or functionality requirements that will necessitate multiple processor support. ISVs that can’t accommodate their processing needs will leave a lot of sales opportunities on the table.
  • Have unforeseen on-going development costs. When an ISV writes to a processing platform directly, they’re responsible for the development and on-going updates specific to that platform. This pulls engineering resource away from POS innovation and can easily spiral out of control. As ISVs realize that they need to add additional processing options to accommodate new customers, they’re forced to start development and certification for other platforms which only compounds the engineering resource allocation issues.  As a payments middleware provider, Datacap understands moreso than most just how much resource is required for the development, certification and ongoing maintenance of integrated payments integrations.
Justin Zeigler

Justin Zeigler is the director of product strategy at Datacap Systems. 2018 marks Justin’s 11th year at Datacap where he’s responsible for the assessment of new technology in relation to market conditions and the subsequent development path for payments solutions utilized by Datacap’s current and prospective Point of Sale integration partners. Justin’s primary focus relates to the growth of Point of Sale developer partnerships where Datacap provides a conduit for POS providers to drive EMV-enabled payments and POS peripherals through a simple integration path. When not talking integrated payments at Datacap, Justin spends his time with his wife and two daughters just outside of Philadelphia.