Datacap Partners with iStream to Add Support for ACH Processing to NETePay Hosted via Pay API

ACH payment processing presents a new opportunity for Datacap partners as just five percent of the U.S. population lives without a bank account today.

Datacap Systems Inc., leading hardware and processor-agnostic omnichannel payments provider, has partnered with iStream Financial Services to add support for ACH processing via Pay API, Datacap’s eCommerce integration available exclusively on Datacap’s NETePay Hosted omnichannel payments platform. This allows Datacap partners to process ACH and other card-not-present transactions using the same omnichannel payments platform their merchants are already using for in-store transactions. ACH payment processing presents a new opportunity for Datacap partners as just five percent of the U.S. population lives without a bank account today.

Other benefits of ACH processing include:

  • Lower transaction fees compared to credit transactions
  • Fewer declines
  • ACH payments safeguard bank details
  • PCI compliance rules don’t apply to ACH payments
  • Additional recurring revenue opportunities for Datacap partners

“We’re excited to partner with iStream to offer a bank-agnostic ACH payment solution for Datacap partners,” says Justin Zeigler, DIR Product at Datacap Systems. “An ideal alternative to standard credit cards for recurring transactions, the addition of ACH processing provides a faster, safer and more reliable payment method for recurring billing to Datacap’s POS and white-label partners.”

“Collaborating with Datacap allows their partners to now offer a choice when it comes to processing through their gateway,” says Fred Joachim, president of iStream Financial Services.  “Today more and more, we see people wishing to pay in the manner that suits their personal tastes.  Providing additional options as we are doing here with this partnership will go a long way towards increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.”

Merchants interested in processing ACH transactions should contact their POS reseller to learn how Datacap’s omnichannel payment solutions can help consolidate payments across online and brick-and-mortar, regardless of processing relationship. If your Point of Sale application isn’t yet integrated to Datacap’s omnichannel payments platform, contact us to get started today!

About Datacap Systems

Datacap builds industry-standard payment solutions for Point of Sale providers to meet the needs of merchants in any market. Security-centric solutions for virtually all processing platforms route through dozens of pre-certified devices from leading OEMs – all via a universal payments integration, empowering merchants to create a unified payments experience across brick and mortar, online, mobile and unattended applications. As the only channel-centric and processor-agnostic payments provider in the industry, Datacap is the ideal partner for any POS provider that’s serious about building a solution that will scale to address the needs of virtually any merchant, regardless of market or payment processing platform.

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About iStream Financial Services

iStream Financial Services delivers fintech solutions that are bank agnostic and focus on payments, data, A/R, treasury management and reconciliation. From integration facilitation, data management, ease of boarding and payment processing, iStream reduces the costs and overall complexity of payments for entities of all size and scope. iStream leverages a bank agnostic approach, for both the payment and disbursement sides of transactions. This allows clients to keep the institutional relationships they have in place today. The outcome of which results in cost reductions, faster payments and accelerated cash flow for clients.