It’s Time for EMV to Reach Smaller Retailers

Visa recently shared research that indicated a 66 percent decrease in counterfeit fraud in the U.S. thanks to merchants shifting to chip-enabled cards (comparing June 2017 to June 2015). This is, of course, great news. However, it’s not time to celebrate just yet.

We know that most EMV adoption to date has been with large chains in tier one and two. The remaining merchants, small and medium enterprises, have yet to make the shift. They are easy to identify. How often to your trips to the market, independent coffee shop, and favorite boutique retailer, do you see a hand-written note on the payment terminal that reads “Chip cards not accepted, please use swipe?” The fact is, in nearly half of our in-store shopping experiences, we’re still using mag-stripe technology for the transaction. It’s time to for the laggards to catch up.

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Jeremy, a payments veteran, has driven Creditcall’s technical development since 1999. He is responsible for all design and implementation of card payment solutions and the portfolio of EMV Kernels and oversees the maintenance of the company’s PCI DSS Level 1 compliance.