Quest Tablet EMV Level 3 Certified through Datacap with Heartland NETePay

Touch Dynamic, a leading manufacturer of all-in-one touch systems, industrial PCs, and mobile POS devices is thrilled to announce that the Quest II and III tablets are now EMV level 3 certified through Datacap with Heartland NETePay™.

In addition to the Quest II and Quest III tablets, Datacap Systems’ latest  NETePay US EMV level 3 certification with Heartland adds support for the ID Tech Augusta Reader.

The ID Tech product line can be leveraged with any Touch Dynamic All-in-One terminal for EMV level 3 certification, without integration changes with the all-on-one or processor certification. The ID Tech/Datacap/Heartland solution supports:

  • EMV Tip Adjust
  • PCI-validated Store and Forward
  • P2PE, and
  • Tokenization

This makes it the perfect solution for any merchant in need of cost-effective and secure payments solution.

“Our Quest Tablets and our all-in-ones with the ID Tech Augusta Reader are now well-equipped to provide merchants with EMV level 3 certification security,” said Craig Paritz, President of Touch Dynamic. “Partnering with Datacap, Heartland, and ID Tech has been phenomenal for ensuring our customers have cost-effective, feature-rich, and secure payments solutions within their reach.”

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