Why Omnichannel Payments Should be a Part of Every Business Continuity Plan

An omnichannel payments platform gives businesses the flexibility to adapt operations and payment experiences as their needs change.

Responsible people think ahead and plan for contingencies, especially if their decisions impact other people’s lives and livelihood. Parents buy life insurance, schools hold fire drills, and business leaders develop business continuity plans.

Business continuity plans include all the information a team needs to ensure they can keep operating in the event of a disaster. Typically, sections of the plan are devoted to emergency response, how to maintain communication in a crisis, where to go if the team needs alternate work facilities, and how to continue to access business applications.

Forward-thinking business leaders make sure their business continuity plans are
up to date, and their teams are trained to use them if and when disaster strikes.

This whitepaper discusses the following:

  • Were businesses ready for 2020?
  • Omnichannel payments platform features that support business continuity.
  • Avoiding back office nightmares.
  • Benefits of omnichannel payments, crisis or not.
  • Don’t integrate your solution with a one-dimensional payments platform.
  • Is your ISV business a testimonial to the value of technology?

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