Cardknox Announces Its Browser-Based POS (Point-of-Sale) Solution

The browser-based POS solution enables developers to seamlessly integrate EMV payment processing hardware with browser-based POS systems.

By integrating their POS systems with a payment processing solution, merchants can experience the benefits of streamlined business management and efficiency as well as robust data security. However, integrating EMV-ready payment processing capabilities into browser-based systems has been particularly challenging for developers. To simplify this frequently complex integration process, Cardknox is excited to announce its Browser-Based POS (BBPOS) Solution. This innovative technology makes it easy for developers to fully integrate EMV-ready payment terminals with browser-based POS systems, enabling them to provide merchants with a customized and secure checkout process.

Businesses in every industry rely on their POS systems to accept customer payments. Whether it’s taking credit card payments at restaurants, processing card-not-present product orders on a website, or managing recurring payments for gym memberships, merchants want a fast, reliable, and secure payment processing solution. With this advanced solution, equipping businesses with built-in processing capabilities is truly hassle-free.

The Cardknox BBPOS system is a tray application that runs in the background on a merchant’s computer. It acts as a local server listening on a local port, allowing a POS system running in a browser to accept EMV payments worry-free. Because the cardholder’s information passes through the Cardknox gateway’s payment engine and bypasses the merchant’s system, merchants have the peace of mind in knowing their customers’ card data is secure throughout the entire transaction process.

Key Features and Benefits

The Cardknox BBPOS solution delivers the following features and benefits:

  • Supports major payment terminals including PAX, Verifone, Ingenico, and more
  • Works with a wide range of POS systems for many different industries
  • Enables merchants to accept payments quickly and securely, at any time and from any location
  • Bypasses the lengthy PCI DSS compliance process, since sensitive card data is kept away from the merchant’s server
  • Provides developers with the ability to customize the user experience on payment terminals
  • Automates the entire payment flow process

Says Yanky Weiss, CTO at Cardknox, “This technology truly brings developers and merchants added value by bridging the gap between browser-based POS systems and EMV-payment hardware. With one easy integration, merchants can enjoy a checkout process that’s customized to their needs, supports the latest security protocols, and eliminates the need for manual data entry. We look forward to seeing a growing number of stakeholders benefit from this innovative solution.”

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About Cardknox

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