Within five years of quitting his consulting job to pursue app building full-time, this solopreneur now earns more than $20k in MRR with no signs of slowing down.
How software vendor Metromile upgraded its data analytics solution for improved data modernization and operational efficiency.
Here’s how this software developer identified and filled a niche in an already crowded IT security field.
Stackline self-funded, prioritizes “grit and flexibility” in hiring, and leverages customer feedback to direct R&D and their product roadmap.
Software development teams have plenty of feature ideas. But how do you stay focused? Here is a pragmatic product feature selection process.
When expanding its integrated payments offering, Vend sought a partner that offered ease of use, flexibility and value.
Paul Azad overcame onboarding and productivity challenges by developing a PSA solution with an operational focus.
With the Glimpse Performance Insights solution, La Centrale ensures all of its employees are following standard procedures and customers always receive consistently great service.
It took fourteen years to bring restaurant point of sale software ITWERCS to market, and there are valuable lessons to learn from the journey.
Applying Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” for business can ensure you’ll be successful, even before your product hits the market.
Company: Amber Systems Technology (AST) Founded: 2004 2017 Revenue Growth Rate: 25% 2018 projected revenue growth rate: 35%-plus Employees: 10 Phone: (925) 417-0762 Website: www.astpos.com Verticals: Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail, Wholesale Since its inception in 2004, Amber Systems Technologies (AST) has focused on providing small to midsize retailers...
Company Name: ACE POS Solutions Founded: 2016 Location: Toronto, Canada Number of Employees: 15 Annual Revenue Growth in 2017: 15% Projected Revenue Growth in 2018: 20% Vertical:  growing retailers (they cater to retailers with 5,000 to 50,000 SKUs) Vendors: ...
It’s amazing when you browse mobile app stores or software comparison websites like Capterra or G2 Crowd to see just how many different apps there are. Capterra, for instance, lists more than 500 software categories — from AB testing...
In the corporate world, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices can be a nightmare to manage. Patches, troubleshooting, and routine maintenance for tens, hundreds, and even thousands of devices — often deployed across multiple locations — can stress an IT...
First, some perspective… In the restaurant world, getting feedback on dining experiences can be very valuable to management and ownership. The trouble is actually getting the feedback. When the first post-dining surveys were rolled out, restaurateurs were so excited to...

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