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Vikram Srivats leads commercial strategy and global field operations for
WaveMaker, the industry’s most open and developer-friendly low-code platform for modern application developers. Vikram is an intrapreneurial tech executive with a 20-year track record of incubating, recrafting, and scaling businesses for market salience. His work experience spans mature billion-dollar revenue tech players as well as startups. At WaveMaker, Vikram helped build out the first vertical go-to-market strategy and is currently driving overall execution with a purpose-led, passionate team. In previous stints, Vikram incubated an Internet of Things business from the ground-up, helped establish a wireless tech licensing business as #1 globally, and shaped the enterprise go-to-market for India’s first handheld computer.

Low Code Accelerates Time-to-Profit for Enterprise Software Companies

Economic uncertainty coupled with recent mass layoffs, stock market meltdown, and plunging valuations have impacted the tech and enterprise software industries.

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