Zebra Technologies’ iFactr Platform Transitions To Open Source

Evolution makes ifactr an industry-wide platform for the OS migration in the enterprise mobility market.

Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), the market leader in rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners and barcode printers enhanced with software and services to enable real-time visibility , announced it is transitioning its iFactr cross-platform mobile application development environment to an open-source model. This will make it easier for organizations to transition to modern mobile operating systems (OS).

The explosive growth of Android and the use of enterprise applications across iOS, Android and legacy Microsoft-based devices have changed the needs of enterprise users. The iFactr platform enables cross-OS application development so users can invest their resources in developing applications once while getting the benefit of multi-OS system compatibility. This will allow them to focus on innovative new capabilities and workflows instead of supporting multiple OS application versions deployed across their enterprise.

As the leading provider of enterprise mobile computing, Zebra continues to lead the industry in the migration to modern OS such as Android and Windows 10. Zebra is transitioning the iFactr development environment to an open-source model to further accelerate innovation in multi-OS application development, reduce the cost of using related development tools and provide customers more options to support them through their OS transition.

“We are currently experiencing the largest operating system (OS) migration in the history of enterprise mobile computing. Open-sourcing the iFactr platform provides our customers more flexibility to support their move to modern mobile OS,” says Bill Burns, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Visibility & Mobility, Zebra Technologies.


  • Zebra is transitioning iFactr to an open-sourced software platform to allow customers, partners and an industry-wide development community to innovate and advance the platform more rapidly while reducing barriers and adoption costs.
  • Open-sourcing encourages collaboration, rapid prototyping and innovation, which benefits the industry overall.
  • By removing cost barriers and friction through open-sourcing the iFactr platform, Zebra will help customers accelerate their OS transition so they can reach higher levels of productivity and service.
  • The open-sourced code can be found on GitHub.com, a leading development platform and community that is used by millions of developers around the globe. Zebra experts will contribute and actively interact with this community.

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