Certegy Expands Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Offering with White Label Solution

Merchants can increase per-transaction revenue while maintaining a branded customer experience.

Certegy, a leading ACH payments and risk management company, today announced the expansion of its Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution with the launch of a white label BNPL offering. Certegy clients can leverage new APIs and developer tools to deploy their own merchant-branded BNPL option to accept multiple payments, over time, for a single purchase, increasing their revenue per transaction.

The white label BNPL solution, targeted at mid-market and enterprise clients, leverages Certegy’s BankPay payment technology platform. Powered by best-in-class verification and risk management, the payment platform processes over $2 billion in ACH transactions annually, representing a significant savings to merchants compared to credit or debit transactions.

“We are thrilled to announce the extension of our Buy Now, Pay Later product with new APIs, providing a merchant-branded white label solution to our customers,” said Colby Thames, Chief Technology Officer, Certegy. “The payments landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, and Certegy has evolved its proven and cost effective ACH-based technology to power innovative solutions including both branded & non-branded BNPL, digital wallets and online ACH checkout to meet the needs of retailers and consumers alike.”

Certegy’s BNPL solution provides a safe and easy way to accept multiple payments for a service or product by splitting the cost of a purchase into several interest-free installments while the merchant is funded immediately for the full transaction. The addition of the white label functionality allows a retailer to retain ownership of its customer relationship, while relying on Certegy’s ACH rails and risk management engine to boost customer purchasing power, resulting in increased transaction sizes and higher Average Order Values.

Certegy’s established BankPay platform, powered by 60 years of experience in processing consumer transaction data, provides merchants with an economical and safe ACH payment option while ensuring a fast, frictionless and secure enrollment and checkout experience for customers. Utilizing Certegy’s ACH Link, BankPay customers are able to connect a preferred bank account to their digital wallet in seconds, and merchants are now able to offer their own BNPL option at checkout.

About Certegy

Certegy is a leading provider of payment & risk management technology for retailers and financial institutions across North America. Our technology allows businesses to expand their payment mix with ACH payments, leveraging our proprietary authorization systems, algorithms, and risk assessment decision-making platform to provide low risk, low cost transactions via mobile, web & point-of-sale. For over 60 years, Certegy has managed risk by staying at the forefront of payment innovation, using its sophisticated proprietary technologies to process, verify & warranty ACH & check transactions for more than 4,000 retailers, corporations, and financial institutions at more than 100,000 retail locations. To learn more, please visit www.certegy.com

DevPro Journal Staff