Consulting Firm Nerd/Noir Announces Partnership with DX to Improve Developer Productivity

The partnership will help engineering organizations measure and improve developer productivity and drive actionable insights and results.

Nerd/Noir, a consulting firm specializing in transforming large-scale, product engineering organizations, today announced its partnership with DX, the trusted platform for measuring and improving developer experience. This partnership will accelerate Nerd/Noir’s commitment to helping engineering organizations measure and improve developer productivity, making organizations more efficient and better situated for long-term success.

The partnership enables Nerd/Noir to offer an exclusive six-week Discovery License of the DevEx 360 tool within its Developer Experience Insights program– which empowers businesses to benchmark performance, pinpoint the biggest opportunities for developers, and provide teams with individualized insights and recommendations that help guide improvement. In six weeks, Nerd/Noir can identify improvement opportunities, while its technical coaching team applies their expertise to customize an action plan based on clients’ survey results.

“We’re honored to partner with DX as we further our commitment to learning about customer needs more quickly for product and engineering teams alike – which takes this process from months to weeks,” said David Laribee, Co-founder and CEO of Nerd/Noir. “In our consulting work, we found that the question of ‘where to start’ is often answered with guesswork. This program removes the guesswork and helps clients find the needle so we can move it together.”

Through the Developer Experience Insights program, Nerd/Noir will help its clients:

  • Make the invisible visible: Identify improvement opportunities quickly by using qualitative insights from across the developer experience to recognize exactly what is causing friction and how to improve.

  • Turn insight into action: Easily administered via Microsoft Teams or Slack, the survey has a 95% average response rate and transparently provides results to all respondents. Upon analyzing the results, Nerd/Noir will develop an improvement plan using its proven playbooks.

  • Empower teams with data: Pinpoint the biggest opportunities, provide teams with individualized insights, and benchmark performance against more than 120,000 data samples across industries and sectors.

  • Measure what matters: Choose from 25 drivers influencing developer experience with clear KPIs around speed, quality, and ease of delivery.

“We provide seamless ways for software developers to improve processes with actionable, data-driven insights,” said Greyson Junggren, co-founder of DX. “We’re excited to partner with Nerd/Noir to bring change to organizations where they need it most.”

One of the first clients implementing the program is the leading global creative platform, Shutterstock. Through successful implementation of the program, the company is enabling its engineering teams and groups to create a culture of transparency and visibility around developer experience and productivity.

For more information, please visit the Nerd/Noir website and read the “Using Metrics Responsibly to Gauge Progress Toward Outcomes” POV paper.


About Nerd/Noir

Founded in 2015, Nerd/Noir is a consulting firm specializing in transforming large-scale product engineering organizations. The company is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and helping businesses rethink digital transformation. Nerd/Noir helps clients build self-sustaining coaching capabilities, ensuring long-term success in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape; focusing on outcome-driven strategies and impacts, versus process-centric approaches. The Nerd/Noir team has more than 25 years of experience in modernizing processes and increasing the success of engineering and product teams, from startups to Fortune 500 firms. For more information, please visit

About DX

DX is the developer insights platform designed by the researchers behind DORA and SPACE. DX is the only solution that provides both qualitative and quantitative measures, helping developer productivity leaders at companies like Etsy, Dropbox, and Toast pinpoint their biggest opportunities and translate their impact into dollars.

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