Modern BI Platform Toucan Toco Launches Native Integration with Snowflake

Integrated solution helps enterprises quickly and securely unlock the power of cloud data.

Data storytelling pioneer Toucan Toco recently announced the launch of a new suite of features natively built for Snowflake, designed to help organizations seamlessly and securely harness the full power of their cloud data. With a simple one-click connection to Snowflake, Toucan empowers teams to rapidly unlock insights and value from their cloud data at scale, with no need for laborious onboarding or data duplication, delivering a 40% cost reduction over conventional business intelligence (BI) tools, should they do the same.

As the leading tool for enterprise data centralization in the cloud, Snowflake has dramatically streamlined the process of using cost-effective cloud solutions for data management — but many companies still struggle to turn their centralized, cloud-hosted data into actionable insights at all levels of their organization. That’s where Toucan comes in, with native-built features that not only integrate seamlessly into Snowflake’s cloud infrastructure, but also has the end-user focus required to deliver clear, compelling, contextualized insights to non-technical users with no training required. Toucan delivers powerful, data-driven insights that allow teams to work faster and smarter, creating more value for their organizations and their customers.

Among the new solution’s key features:

  • Live data connection with no data duplication allows business users to access their Snowflake data in real time, even via mobile devices, with up to 40% faster deployment and without the need to export, duplicate, or download data from the cloud.

  • Best-in-class security using auto-synced permissions to apply Snowflake settings to Toucan, giving business users immediate access to their own data with no need for third-party intervention to set user permissions. However, additional permissions can also be used within Toucan to give users complete control over their data.

  • Toucan’s dedicated Snowflake Query Optimization Engine empowers teams to instantly find, manage, and query data models with no need to reformat datasets. Common queries can also be pre-loaded, while Toucan’s integrated Write Back technology ensures users pay only for what they actually use.

Under the leadership of newly appointed Cloud & Technology Alliance Director Arnaud Simon, a business intelligence veteran with 18 years of experience at industry leaders including MarkLogic and SAS, Toucan is now helping brands to reimagine their transition to the cloud. “Business data is an incredibly powerful tool, but organizations need to be able to harness that power in the precise moment that it’s most needed,” Simon explains. “At Toucan, we’re helping IT teams and business users to manage their cloud data — not just by centralizing and storing it effectively, but by using integrated data storytelling to deliver real benefits for users.”

“At Toucan, we’re committed to delivering best-of-breed data storytelling, and our native features for Snowflake are a key step toward delivering the scalable, integrated solutions that global enterprises need,” says Charles Miglietti, Toucan’s co-founder and CEO. “We’re facilitating the migration to the cloud by giving business users instant access to their data, with no need to duplicate data or overhaul permissions structures, to deliver faster and more cost-effective results for enterprises of all kinds.”

About Toucan Toco:

Toucan is a modern BI platform committed to the belief that data has to be coupled with an intuitive user experience to generate actionable insights. It offers streamlined reporting for non-techies, which SaaS companies can white-label and embed into their own product to wow users and gain a competitive advantage. Toucan is trusted by 140 clients worldwide, from global corporations to fast-growth tech companies. For more information, visit:

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