Expands Gloo Platform with Addition of Gloo Fabric to Enable Secure, Multi-cloud Networking for Distributed Applications

Gloo Fabric enables customers to build multi-cloud networks that include VM-based, container-based, or serverless applications., the leading cloud-native application networking company, today announced the initial preview of Gloo Fabric, expanding the industry’s leading application networking platform, Gloo Platform, to include secure, multi-cloud networking. Gloo Fabric enables customers to build multi-cloud networks that include VM-based, container-based, or serverless applications. Gloo Fabric delivers a cloud native alternative to existing cloud networking solutions that are tied to a single vendor or cloud, or limit the types of applications that can be migrated to the cloud.

“Gloo Fabric builds upon the many years of expertise that Solo has built in securing and networking diverse, distributed applications,” said Idit Levine, CEO and Founder, “Migrating applications to the cloud is a top priority for all of our customers, but existing solutions have prevented them from successful migrations. Customers don’t want to be locked into a single vendor. They want a platform that lets them migrate applications that make sense for their business.”

Features and benefits of Gloo Fabric include:

  • Integration with service mesh and API management capabilities of Gloo Platform
  • Unified control plane and API to manage networking resources for VM-based, container, and serverless applications
  • Multi-cluster and multi-cloud management
  • Centralized networking and security policy management
  • “Virtual Cloud” that enables secure, multi-tenant isolation between application resources
  • Dynamic resource discovery across private and public cloud environments
  • Integration with public cloud networking  (e.g. VPCs)
  • Consistent, GitOps-based management of deployment resources

Purpose-built with platform engineers in mind, Gloo Fabric offers the ability to bring VM-based, containerized, and serverless applications into a single zero trust security environment. With the cross-cloud discovery, connectivity, and security capabilities from Gloo Fabric, Gloo Platform provides a cloud lifecycle management offering that customers have been searching for.

Gloo Fabric will be available as an early preview starting in April at KubeCon / CloudNativeCon 2023 in Amsterdam, where will be at Booth G9. For more information on Gloo Fabric, visit


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