Yellowbrick Brings Data Warehousing to Distributed Clouds for First Time, Addressing Business Challenges of Distributed Data

Yellowbrick announces new cloud-native architecture, Yellowbrick Manager, with 3x performance gains, and deeper integration with cloud object stores.

Yellowbrick Data, the innovation leader in modern data warehousing, announced Yellowbrick Manager which gives customers unified control of data warehouses across distributed clouds, and general availability of its new Andromeda optimized instance for customers with data sovereignty or high-performance requirements. Additionally, the company has added more agile data movement capabilities to help customers more easily integrate Yellowbrick with data lakes built on cloud object stores like Amazon S3.

Distributed clouds are an emerging architectural pattern characterized by a mesh of interconnected physical and virtualized infrastructure, forming a best-of-breed, logical cloud managed by a single, unified control plane.

“Data is becoming more distributed across private data centers, multiple clouds, and the network edge, creating significant data sovereignty and gravity challenges,” explained Yellowbrick CEO Neil Carson. “Yellowbrick led the industry in hybrid cloud innovation. Next, bringing our data warehouse to distributed clouds will be transformative for businesses facing these challenges, especially as use cases like IoT analytics emerge in manufacturing, telecom, and logistics.”

“Yellowbrick has embraced Kubernetes as core, cloud-native architecture so our customers can deploy, manage, and orchestrate data warehouse workloads across distributed clouds,” added Yellowbrick CTO Mark Cusack. “Furthermore, the Andromeda instance, Yellowbrick Manager, and deeper integration with cloud object stores are working in concert to galvanize distributed data for enterprises — while maintaining Yellowbrick’s ultimate price/performance advantage.”

“We’re excited about Yellowbrick’s vision to bring data warehousing to distributed clouds,” said Matthias Baumhof, CTO, ThreatMetrix Business Services. “Data is everywhere, and our business can’t be constrained by an inability to analyze data in place wherever it’s located. Yellowbrick’s track record of bringing near real-time speed to data across multiple environments is a big advantage for that purpose.”

Analysts and partners agree:

“It’s an inescapable fact that data is becoming more distributed, putting continued pressure on businesses to effectively derive insights to meet timely data-driven goals,” said Mike Leone, senior analyst, ESG. “Yellowbrick has a compelling vision to address this growing challenge by bringing data warehousing to distributed clouds in a way that counters a lot of that pressure.”

“The next evolution of data warehouse architectures will require support for distributed clouds, providing organizations with the ability to process data anywhere and with simple cloud-native management,” said Chetan Mathur, CEO of Next Pathway, the automated cloud migration company. “We fully support the Yellowbrick distributed cloud vision and believe that there is a unique opportunity for us to help automate the migration of legacy workloads to the groundbreaking new architecture.”

Andromeda Widens Performance Lead by 3x  

Running on Yellowbrick’s Andromeda optimized instance for private clouds, Yellowbrick Data Warehouse queries run 3x faster than on the company’s first-generation architecture. This further widens Yellowbrick’s already substantial price/performance advantage over legacy and cloud-only data warehouse vendors.

“Key reasons for these gains include the addition of dual proprietary ‘Kalidah’ scan accelerators that improve scan rates to multiple TBs per sec, a 3x increase in network performance, and new AMD 64-core CPUs,” said Cusack. “Andromeda also offers linear scalability, up to 6PB across up to 40 nodes. With the lowest TCO in the industry, Andromeda is a stellar option for private cloud use cases that require the ultimate performance at scale along with best-in-class economics.”

Yellowbrick Manager is the Cornerstone of a Unified Control Plane for Distributed Data

Yellowbrick Manager is a rich web UI that offers a consistent management experience across all data warehouse deployments in distributed clouds. It simplifies loading data, writing and editing SQL, and managing Yellowbrick databases.

“As the first milestone in the company’s roadmap toward a streamlined and unified control plane, Yellowbrick Manager complements the cloud-native architecture of our data warehouse,” shared Cusack. “Our best-in-class performance on any physical or virtualized infrastructure, including optimized instances or Kubernetes stacks and VMs, across distributed clouds comes at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.”

Yellowbrick Manager is currently available in preview and the company expects it to be generally available later this year.

Data Movement Means Faster, Richer Insights for Business Intelligence and Innovation

Yellowbrick has augmented its existing data lake integration capabilities to include native object store connectivity. The new functionality enables high-performance data loading and querying from files in Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (Google Cloud Storage coming soon), and MinIO object stores. With the native object store feature, users can load petabytes of data from object stores into Yellowbrick, orchestrated through Yellowbrick Manager, or via SQL using their preferred tools.

Cusack added, “These improvements enable faster, richer insights across more enterprise data, no matter how or where it’s stored. The ability to easily geolocate data for latency, compliance, and security reasons, and analyze it in near real time, are what enterprises need for ultimate efficiency, and it’s a logical way of interacting with data that will transform how we compute with cloud technologies.”

Read the blog for more technical details about these announcements.

Yellowbrick Summit on April 29, 2021

Learn more about how Yellowbrick is the first data warehouse designed for distributed clouds at the Yellowbrick Summit virtual event on Apr 29, 2021.

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