BitTitan Launches MSPComplete Publisher Program For ISVs

BitTitan, the global leader in Managed Services Automation and inventor of Automated Runbooks, today announced the launch of its MSPComplete® Publisher Program, a revolutionary new way for independent software vendors (ISVs) to easily publish Automated Runbooks, define and store SOPs (standard operating procedures), and push the latest products and updates directly to partners through the MSPComplete marketplace. With the MSPComplete Publisher Program, technology companies, including early program adopters Datto and Dropbox, can share best practices, incentive programs, and product updates, while building automated versions of their most popular services – at no cost.

“Nearly all our partners described the same problem – the lack of standardization throughout their business hurt customer satisfaction, profitability and employee morale,” said Geeman Yip, CEO at BitTitan. “This problem stems from lack of documentation; either partners never wrote their processes down or when they did, stored them in PDF documents no one ever referenced and rarely updated. ISVs experience the same challenge. It takes them a significant amount of time to get new partners selling successfully with the traditional enablement methods like webinars and PDF manuals. With the MSPComplete Publisher Program, ISVs can bring their recommended standard operating procedures to life and ensure standardized, repeatable managed services delivery for their partners.”

The MSPComplete Publisher Program combines the power of BitTitan’s business process automation platform with a marketplace where ISVs can build automated versions of popular services and translate them into managed services, readily understood and efficiently sold by partners.

“Our goal at Dropbox is to make work simpler, streamlining business processes so that people are free to create amazing things,” said Matt Pahnke, Global Head of Partner Marketing. “The introduction of the MSPComplete Publisher Program does exactly that for managed service providers by bringing products, content and execution closer together. We’re happy to be a launch partner in the MSPComplete Publisher Program, which will deliver simplicity and value for BitTitan and Dropbox partners, to better serve their customers.”

Technology companies using the MSPComplete Publisher Program have free, unfettered access to BitTitan’s fifty-thousand-strong partner ecosystem, providing ISVs with the opportunity to accelerate product adoption for new and existing partners. MSPComplete provides ISVs the opportunity to convert documentation into action. In the partner-to-partner marketplace, ISVs can:

  • Standardize and automate SOPs with BitTitan Automated Runbooks.
  • Publish new products and services, and push updates and incentives seamlessly and with ease.
  • Increase consumption of existing services and launch new services directly to customers.
  • Reduce service delivery costs with automated user- and support-guides for frictionless partner and customer onboarding.
  • Gain insight into how partners deliver products as a managed service to customers.

“For years, we have relied upon PDFs to deliver our onboarding guides for Datto SaaS Protection, demonstrating to MSPs and customers alike how to backup and protect Office 365 and G Suite data,” said Matt Richards, VP of Product Marketing at Datto. “With BitTitan Automated Runbooks, we are no longer stuck with static, unread manuals. We can publish these guides as step-by-step, readily consumable and interactive instructions for our ecosystem. We can easily maintain the guides, and even update them as Microsoft or Google evolve their APIs. We are thrilled BitTitan selected Datto as one of the MSPComplete Publisher Program early adopters, and look forward to helping more MSPs around the world protect their customers’ Office 365 and G Suite data.”

To register for the MSPComplete Publisher Program, please visit here.

Throughout Microsoft Inspire, show attendees can learn more about the MSPComplete Publisher Program from BitTitan, Dropbox and Datto representatives, as well as view demos at BitTitan Booth #801. For more information on the daily theater sessions, visit here.

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