Brother Introduces Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Program for Mobile and Desktop Printer Line

In today’s uncertain times, ‘Shift & Print’ Subscription Service can help a wide range of businesses acquire the printing technology they need to provide essential services to their customers, without undue stress on the bottom line.

Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc., a premier provider of mobile, desktop and industrial printers widely used in the retail, supply chain, field service, home healthcare, transportation and manufacturing industries, today unveils its new ‘Shift & Print’ Subscription Service for technology acquisition. Among the first-to-market in the Auto-ID industry, the new monthly subscription service is an innovative Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model, designed to help businesses acquire the state-of-the-art mobile and industrial printing and labeling technology needed to maintain efficient and competitive operations. For businesses striving to serve customers in today’s challenging times, a HaaS model for technology acquisition can enable the procurement of advanced technology, with minimal pressure on a company’s financial operations.

Shifting Technology Acquisition to OpEx

In today’s volatile climate, business need solutions that deliver speed and efficiency across all facets of the operations. One of the best ways to ensure peak performance is to use the most up-to-date software, hardware and devices. Acquiring the most advanced technology can be a challenge due to cash flow and competing budgetary pressures, so business and operations managers are increasingly adopting as-a-service models to solve common procurement roadblocks.

With HaaS, costs are shifted from capital expense (CapEx) to operational expense (OpEx), which means the latest technology can be obtained and even replaced without undue stress on the bottom line, and the enterprise can benefit from a predictable monthly payment for hardware, accessories and even warranties.

A Modern Alternative for Acquiring Technology

According to David Crist, president of Brother Mobile Solutions, “For operations managers in a wide range of verticals such as over-the-road trucking, retail, home healthcare and across the supply chain, HaaS offers an a financially attractive procurement method to businesses adapt to the ‘new normal’. Our Brother Shift & Print Subscription Service enables businesses of any size, from small businesses, to large enterprise, to have the most up-to-date printing and labeling equipment and industry-leading service and support warranties – with no up-front investment.

Reduce IT Burden, Lower TCO

While Brother’s Shift & Print Subscription Service is among the first in the auto-ID arena, enterprise printers and copiers in the office have been using a HaaS model for years. A recent study by Spiceworks* found that 71% of IT decision-makers said the top benefit of HaaS has been reducing the support burden on their internal IT staff. Nearly 40% credit HaaS with lowering total cost of ownership and reducing expenses, while 43% cite easier setup and maintenance as well as reducing the amount of obsolete technology in the workplace, which can be a critical security issue.

The key benefits of HaaS include:

  • Predictable, monthly OpEx
  • Frees up CapEx
  • Scalable solutions
  • Always-current technology
  • Minimizes impact on internal IT
  • Increased system uptime

At a Glance: Shift & Print Subscription Service

The HaaS Shift & Print Subscription Service currently includes Brother’s mobile and desktop thermal printers; comprehensive warranties covering device replacement or repair and all accessories including chargers, cables and cases.

The program offers maximum flexibility, offering a range of simple and operationally convenient options for clients at the end of a contract term.

For more information on Shift & Print Subscription plans, visit

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About Brother Mobile Solutions

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*Source: ‘The 2019 State of Hardware-as-a-Service,’

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