Capitalize on The Great App Migration

2017 was the year of Legacy Systems Migration (aka “The Migrating App”). Upgrading legacy software applications has historically been a costly and time-consuming process. However, in 2017 we saw an increase in legacy systems migration due to three market shifts.

  1. Rapid Mobile Application Development services, like Xamarin, have accelerated the process of mobile app development. Enterprise organizations can now build and manage internal and customer-facing applications that integrate into existing systems in a fraction of the time it had taken a decade or even 1-2 years ago.
  2. Organizations are also finding that the availability of Cloud-based 3rd party applications are strengthening their ability to deploy new applications. Applications built on open standard technologies can run on any device with an HTML5-enabled browser. These newly developed apps are less expensive to implement and maintain than legacy apps.
  3. There is greater corporate acceptance of the need for outsourcing. We are seeing end users look more closely at packaged solutions because time and money is a major factor in their decision-making process. Traditional in-house development is oftentimes being rejected, as it is a much slower and costly path.

Considering these factors, 2018 will become a “survival of the fittest” environment. Strategic partnering and M&A activity will increase because larger, legacy-focused ISVs will need to acquire more flexible and dynamic mid-size ISVs with unique offerings to thrive in a highly competitive market.

2018 SWOT Analysis For ISVs

Enterprise customers are increasingly looking at how they can improve processes via the use of mobile applications. ISVs will not only need to address the need for speed and efficiency when deploying multiple applications, but will also need to effectively integrate all of these apps on the back end in terms of data and reporting.

One of the biggest challenges technology vendors face is the perceived and unverified need to stay ahead of the technology curve.  We work closely with our ISV and reseller partners to educate corporations so they understand that they can continue to deploy relevant, secure and efficient solutions without having to chase the latest technology. This is especially true when we look at OS updates. As consumers we want the latest and greatest. From an enterprise perspective, we find that earlier versions that are tried, tested, proven and reliable are solid enough and forward/backward compatible enough to be deployed safely into enterprise environments.

As far as opportunities are concerned, we recommend ISVs create solutions that are both flexible and easy to test. Avoid engaging in a lengthy, resource draining, and time-consuming project.  In today’s business environment, decisions are made at the speed of light and customers want instant results. If it takes more than 3-6 months to engage, set up and test a solution, the customer may lose interest quickly.

About Janam Technologies In 2018

We have been extremely busy – gearing up for the most exciting product launches in Janam history. Our portfolio will grow substantially with industry-leading, rugged mobile computers that can support roll outs of all sizes. These new devices will take advantage of the newest technological advancements, while we will continue to support organizations that want to maintain their use of legacy software and operating systems. We will also continue to invest in our world-class service and support offerings with enhanced tools and utilities. Partners will find a higher level of support validation and strengthened marketing programs aimed at providing ISVs with more resources to market to vertical channels. 

Doug Lloyd

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