Why ISVs Should Be Excited About Tap to Mobile Payments

Embracing this cutting-edge technology can create new opportunities for ISVs. Here's how.


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do payment technologies. In the post-pandemic world, the adoption of contactless payments has transformed the way customers make transactions, offering convenience, speed, and security.  Adoption of this technology was accelerated due to health considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tap-to mobile/phone payments, a ground-breaking innovation that has businesses and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) buzzing with enthusiasm, is one of the most recent developments in the field of contactless payments.  In this article, we will explore the reasons why ISVs should embrace this cutting-edge technology and how it can create new opportunities for their businesses.

Tapping into the Cashless Trend

The world is steadily moving towards a cashless society, and tap-to-mobile/phone payments are at the forefront of this transformation. As consumers become more comfortable with digital payment methods, they prefer the convenience and speed of tap to mobile/phone transactions. By integrating this technology, ISVs enable their clients to cater to the cashless trend and capitalize on a growing consumer preference. This shift in payment behavior also opens up new opportunities for ISVs to expand their offerings and explore new markets that embrace digital payment solutions.

Digital Wallet Integrations

ISVs also have many reasons to be excited about integrations of digital wallets such as ApplePay and GooglePay alongside the convenience of tap-to-mobile payments. These payment methods not only streamline the purchase and checkout process but also offer both enhanced security and a seamless user experience. ISVs can offer customers a quick and secure way to make purchases by utilizing digital wallets, doing away with the need to enter credit card information for both card-present and card-not-present purchases. Additionally, digital wallets typically come with built-in authentication methods like biometric verification which adds an extra layer of protection against fraud. By positioning the most popular digital wallets like ApplePay and GooglePay ISVs can promote a frictionless payment experience enhancing the customer payment experience while increasing the likelihood of conversion and user engagement. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience lies at the heart of a successful business, and tap-to mobile/phone payments can revolutionize it. With this technology, customers no longer need to fumble for cash or credit cards. Have you ever forgotten your wallet or cards at home?  A simple tap of a smartphone or even your smartwatch is all it takes to complete a transaction swiftly and securely. This seamless payment process reduces checkout time, minimizing waiting queues and elevating customer satisfaction. As ISVs integrate tap-to-mobile/phone payments into their solutions, they can offer their clients the opportunity to enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers, ultimately leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Increased Security Measures

Security is one of the main issues that clients have with digital transactions. Tap-to-mobile/phone payments, on the other hand, include strong security safeguards that make them safer than conventional payment methods. By using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the system makes sure that the payment information is securely protected throughout the transaction. Customers also don’t have to present their physical cards, which lowers the possibility of theft or card skimming. Consumers benefit from the increased security, and ISVs may rest easy knowing that their payment solutions uphold the strictest security guidelines, safeguarding both their customers and their reputation. 

Versatility and Adaptability

Tap-to mobile/phone payments are very flexible and adaptable, working for all types of businesses of all sizes. ISVs can include this technology into their software solutions to fulfill the needs of their varied clients, whether it be in the retail, hotel, transportation, or any other industry that relies on accepting in-person payments. Tap-to mobile/phone payments can be integrated into current systems for small and large businesses, ensuring a smooth transition for merchants and their customers.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

In the fast-paced digital era, staying ahead of the competition is essential for business success. Embracing tap to mobile/phone payments gives ISVs a competitive edge in the market. By offering their clients innovative payment solutions, ISVs position themselves as forward-thinking partners dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike. As businesses increasingly adopt contactless payment technologies, ISVs that provide such cutting-edge solutions will attract more customers and expand their market share. 

Your Biometrics as the Currency

Imagine a realm where your face or palm becomes the embodiment of your currency, a world where transactions are initiated with a simple gaze. This is the enchanting narrative of biometric payments, a story propelled by technology that transports you to uncharted dimensions. Free from the constraints of phones or wallets, your very countenance becomes the enchanted key that unlocks a realm of transactions. As ISVs gingerly explore the realm of biometric payments, they embark on a transformative journey that reshapes the pillars of convenience, security, and the core essence of monetary interactions.

The future of payments is undoubtedly contactless, and tap-to-mobile/phone payments are part of this transition. Independent Software Vendors should be excited about this revolutionary technology as it presents numerous benefits for their businesses and clients. From enhancing the customer experience and boosting security measures to staying competitive and capitalizing on the cashless trend, the opportunities are vast. By embracing tap-to-mobile/phone payments, ISVs can usher their clients into a new era of seamless, secure, and efficient transactions, solidifying their position as innovative leaders in the digital payment landscape.

Meredith Weigelt

Meredith Weigelt is marketing director for Paystri.

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Meredith Weigelt

Meredith Weigelt is marketing director for Paystri.