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Carla Neubaum manages Couchbase’s ISV business in the Americas where she is responsible for the development and execution of strategic business plans and programs with independent software vendors (ISVs) to enable successful outcomes.

Her software experience began at Oracle and includes software for education, IoT, augmented reality, and manufacturing applications including CAD and PLM.  As a result, she has gained experience in various verticals and is adept at realizing common challenges and differentiating vertical-specific requirements.  Since all software applications require a database solution, she is passionate about helping companies modernize their technology with Couchbase’s DBaaS solution, Capella, so they gain efficiency, decrease their TCO, and increase their focus on developing and growing applications that delight their customers.

When Carla is not enabling Couchbase ISV Partners, she loves spending time with her family, traveling and swimming in the ocean.

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