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Deepak Anupalli

Co-founder & CTO at WaveMaker. He brings two decades of experience in product design, innovation and technology. Over the last few years, witnessing the low-code evolution firsthand, Deepak worked with several organizations enabling them to adopt low-code platforms for a wide variety of use cases such as legacy modernization, re-architecting products with legacy stack, building solutions with customization etc. In his previous role, he led the development of Pramati Application Server, the world’s first J2EE-certified App Server and brings a deep understanding of J2EE and middleware technologies. Deepak has also contributed to the development of several standards, being part of the JCP Expert groups. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from NIT Warangal, India.

Low-Code is Not a Quick Fix. It’s a Long-Term Enterprise Strategy.

If the low-code platform is for serious app development, then all stakeholders, including IT teams, business users, CTOs, and CIOs, need to create a strategic plan for its adoption in a collaborative manner.

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