Cardknox Gateway Announces Compatibility and Certification with New eWIC Program

Across the country, merchants are making the switch from accepting WIC paper vouchers to using the new WIC electronic funds transfer (EBT), or eWIC, system, as part of a nationwide initiative to modernize the WIC checkout process. In order to enable eWIC processing, merchants need to implement a state-certified processing system. However, since every WIC transaction has to be approved for adhering to regulations, there just aren’t many solutions on the market that have successfully digitized this complicated process. Cardknox, a developer-friendly omni-channel payment gateway, is excited to announce that it is now certified for eWIC, so that merchants can upgrade to WIC EBT processing via an easy integration.

Simply by changing a few lines of code, Cardknox’s gateway can be quickly integrated with the merchant’s POS system, thereby enabling eWIC processing. Plus, merchants will benefit from Cardknox’s many other flexible features, such as fast EMV-chip card processing and secure data tokenization. With eWIC capabilities in place, the retailer can accept eWIC customer cards at checkout for real-time approval from the eWIC system with every customer card swipe. Cardknox’s eWIC-certified gateway is truly beneficial for developer, merchant, and customer alike for its quick setup time, and for speeding up WIC processing and preventing any errors.

“Cardknox is truly solution-oriented in its approach, which is why we’re always on the lookout for any unmet needs in a payment industry that is constantly changing,” said Yanky Weiss, Chief Technology Officer at Cardknox. “We’re delighted to have successfully certified our gateway for eWIC processing. As more and more merchants look to upgrade to eWIC processing, we hope to be a valuable resource.”

eWIC is now required in over 20 states, with the rest slated to switch over in stages by 2020. New York state will require the new system to be used by all merchants by no later than the second quarter of 2019.

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