env0 Unveils Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure Automation Platform for Terraform, Terragrunt and IaC Frameworks

Powerful workflow management solution accelerates security with self-hosted agents, AWS AssumeRole, and support for SAML and SOC2 Type 2.

env0, a provider of automated, collaborative remote-run workflow management for cloud deployments, today announced the company’s enterprise-grade Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation platform featuring self-hosted agents, SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language) authentication support and SOC2 Type 2 certification. The enhanced platform delivers production proven remote-run workflow management and a new security framework to empower user deployments and direct oversight of the env0 stack in customer operated cloud accounts.

“Trust in smaller startup SaaS organizations has become a challenge for DevOps, with respect to the possible exposure of customer cloud credentials, code and other secrets,” said Omry Hay, Co-Founder and CTO, env0. “env0’s enterprise-grade IaC automation platform provides assurance throughout the operational lifecycle with SAML and SOC2 Type 2, coupled with Self-Hosted Agents that run in the administrator’s own cloud account for protection of this essential and sensitive information.”

“IDC believes enterprise DevOps teams are maturing and looking to reduce complexity by adopting more standardized toolchains and workflows and pivoting toward cloud services that embed basic infrastructure automation,” noted the firm in a report titled Worldwide DevOps Software Tools Forecast 2020-2024.

The env0 platform runs and simplifies the governance of cloud deployments for Terraform, Terragrunt and other IaC frameworks, enabling easy to create workflows and extending IaC capabilities. With this, DevOps can run any type of code at any point in the deployment process for maximum flexibility. Plan on pull request support that provides Terraform or Terragrunt plans for all pull requests so that infrastructure change requests can be approved with confidence and automatic deployment of infrastructure changes after being pushed/merged in SCM to prevent drifts and to avoid misconfiguration. The platform provides secure software agents that allow for user deployable IaC with AWS AssumeRole support. The AWS AssumeRole method allows an IAM User to assume different roles, in the same account or across different accounts.

env0 emphasizes security with a new level of trust in cloud management that features premier management of keys, tokens, cloud credentials, and other environmental variables at every level with a single configuration. Secrets are only stored on the customer’s account using the AWS Secrets Manager. The deployment container of the env0 agent at the customer account level resolves the secret values at runtime from the secret manager within the same account.

“With DevOps professionals seeking better and more secure options for the development, modification and versioning of cloud infrastructure, env0 helps get them there,” added Mr. Hay. “Built to deliver on the automation, security and efficiency of the cloud, our class of infrastructure automation is helping to set the standard for secure cloud operations.”

The env0 infrastructure automation platform is available as an AWS stack that can deploy to cloud providers supported by Terraform, including AWS, GCP and Azure. Access the platform today at www.env0.com

About env0
env0 automates and simplifies the governance of cloud deployments for Terraform, Terragrunt and IaC frameworks, offering a collaborative remote-run workflow management. Our powerful solution addresses the need for provisioning and compliance of changing cloud resources.
env0 enables users and teams to jointly share configuration templates using remote state file storage to prevent drifts and accelerate code deployment. env0 fully integrates with CI/CD pipelines and VCS tools and delivers full CLI support to ensure a smooth, flawless process.
env0 is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with an office in the Silicon Valley.

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