Releases Interplay 6.0; the AI-Fueled Low-Code Platform Accelerates Application Development 10X

The uniquely comprehensive drag-and-drop low-code environment expands to 465 pre-built modules enabling the AI/ML, data integration, voice/messaging, IoT, blockchain, and API capabilities critical to fast-track innovation and competitive differentiation., whose innovation ecosystem enables customers to build pilot-ready applications up to 10x faster, announced significant new capabilities with the release of Interplay 6.0,’s low-code platform. The AI-centric middleware solution is purpose-built to democratize rapid application prototyping, development, and iteration for organizations across industries and use cases – no matter how complex the application and without requiring any developer expertise to get there.

“Interplay markedly accelerates innovation,” said Brian Sathianathan, Chief Technology Officer, “From retail to government, from healthcare to energy, no one is immune to the increasing competitive pressures of superior customer engagement and faster digital transformation. But vision too often struggles to meet reality. The technologies enabling change – such as AI and machine learning – are complex, and the talent to wield them is scarce and expensive. Interplay combines a drag-and-drop development interface with a truly incredible range of pre-built application building blocks ready to be mixed and matched into any customer use case. We’re particularly excited at what Interplay 6.0 now brings to the table as our biggest release to-date; the platform is a one-stop destination to get innovation done.”

The Interplay platform is designed to quickly enable and combine the five forces of innovation within a single, one-stop application development environment: AI/ML, the IoT, blockchain, data, and APIs from the most nascent and cutting-edge startup technologies. Deployed as a runtime environment built on Node.js within containers and delivered through an intuitive workflow visualizer, Interplay’s pre-built components can be easily configured together, and application prototypes can be tested quickly and safely. “Unlike other low-code platforms, it’s incredibly easy to migrate an Interplay proof-of-concept application into production – removing the usual friction between innovation and IT teams within an enterprise,” said Sathianathan.

Using Interplay, customer applications are routinely developed 10x more rapidly than standard code-writing development models. The architecture empowers both experienced coders and non-coders to connect pre-built modules with ease. Interplay can run on an edge server, on-prem in a data center, or on any of the major cloud providers. The low-code platform is built with security top-of-mind, and includes aggressive workflow backup and monitoring.

New features and benefits included in Interplay 6.0:

  • 460 specific and pre-built modules for instantly bringing AI, ML, data ingestion, voice/messaging, IoT, blockchain, and enterprise and startup API capabilities into applications;
  • An interface built for non-coders – intuitively facilitating rapid application development, debugging, and deployment – that does not require developer talent to run;
  • New easy to leverage drag-and-drop AIcapabilities built on top of technologies such as TensorFlow, Gensim, Scikit, PyTorch, PyCaret, and others;
  • Supercharged AIabilities to build regression, classification, image recognition, and text clustering models without code in under five minutes;
  • Expanded flexibility to run on any cloud or edge environment;
  • An uber-thin runtime (~45MB) ready to run on edge platforms and powered by Intel CPUs;
  • Complete support for the Kubernetes scaling standard;
  • Improved tutorials and contextual help designed to speak to both developers and non-developers.

“The applications that our customers (and their non-developer staff) build with Interplay are remarkable,” said Sathianathan. “From AI-driven chatbots, to IoT-enabled license plate readers, to satellite image detection, to spinning up frictionless curbside shopping in a matter of days, Interplay users are transforming their businesses through low-code development that puts everything they need at their fingertips. Drag, drop, and your transformation with has begun.”


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