WaveMaker Strengthens App Security with Veracode Certification

WaveMaker is the first Java low code platform to achieve Veracode Verified certification, builds developer confidence in platform-generated app code.

WaveMaker Inc, the leading Java low code platform for professional teams, today announced it has strengthened its security credentials with the achievement of Veracode™ Verified Standard (Veracode Seal) for WaveMaker generated application code.

“Development teams, especially those building software platforms and solutions, depend on low code for its speed, but much of their time ends up being spent in finding and reporting the vulnerabilities issues at a later stage,” said Deepak Anupalli, Head of Product at WaveMaker. “WaveMaker enables professional developers to not just build faster, but to churn out quality, secure application code. The WaveMaker Veracode certification is the latest milestone in our continued efforts on being developer-centric.”

For WaveMaker customers, especially banking and financial services enterprises and fintechs, this certification comes as great support in the middle of shrinking delivery timelines, and security practices evolving to produce high-assurance, high-value results without delaying the development process. It drastically reduces the time low code developers spend in rounding off security for their apps. With the WaveMaker low code platform, security is left-shifted and driven by developers much earlier in the development life cycle.

“Our customers have ever-increasing demands for IT compliance and cyber risk mitigation. Knowing our WaveMaker applications are Veracode Verified out-of-the-box saves considerable time and effort to lock down our solution and gives me peace of mind knowing we are built on top of a modern and secure platform,” said Kevin McCarthy, CTO at Neverfail Inc, a WaveMaker customer.

The Veracode Verified attestation provides customers with a way to identify WaveMaker’s commitment to ensuring that their products are secure by design. This verification also covers third party open-source libraries used as part of code generation, and covers all vulnerability checks listed in the CVE library. With every release, WaveMaker updates its libraries against potential vulnerabilities saving development teams a ton of time and effort.

Ian McLeod, Chief Product Officer at Veracode, said, “WaveMaker has made security a priority for its customers, thus giving the company a competitive advantage in its market. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for companies to be transparent and relentless when it comes to the security of their software and we’re thrilled to partner with a company that is already steeped in the process of secure coding to enable the best possible outcomes.”

About WaveMaker

WaveMaker, Inc. is a privately-held software platform company headquartered out of Mountain View, CA. Its open standards Java-based low code platform is designed for professional software teams. WaveMaker has SaaS, on-prem and white labeled offerings for large enterprises and ISVs to build modern, API-driven, scalable and secure software applications and platforms. It has significant customers in banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare, who are taking the low code platform route to modernize their systems and transform business.

For more information, visit www.wavemaker.com or follow @WaveMaker on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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