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Jay McCall is an award-winning journalist with 17 years of writing experience for B2B IT solution providers. Jay is co-founder of DevPro Journal.

OWASP: Application Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) bridges the gap between security professionals and developers with valuable resources, tools, and events.

Advice for ISV Startups, Boiled Down to One Word: Persistence

Even if you have a winning idea and a great product, to succeed you need to work past challenges and never give up.

Multitasking: How to Handle Multiple Projects Like a Pro

True multitasking isn’t possible for humans, but ISVs can manage multiple projects more productively by following these tips.

Best Practices for Recruiting/Hiring Sales Reps

The tech industry’s unemployment rate hit 1.9% in April 2018, down from 3% a year ago. That’s great news for tech professionals, but it’s a challenge for growing ISVs who have to step up their recruiting efforts to find qualified candidates.

Technology for Education: Develop Applications for the Business Side of Schools

Technology for education applications doesn’t have to address curriculum. ISVs can develop valuable applications that help schools operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely.

5 Questions to Answer When Choosing a Cloud Provider

Software development in the cloud is increasingly more commonplace. Gartner research saw the greatest cloud computing market gains in Infrastructure as a s Service...

Demand for Prescriptive Analytics Solutions Spans All Industries

In our recent interviews with industry thought leaders, we noticed a recurring theme: the demand for prescriptive analytics solutions. Experts in virtually all vertical...

The ISV’s Role — and Opportunity — Advancing Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is underway. In the phenomenon known as Industry 4.0 or Manufacturing 4.0, businesses are transitioning their facilities into smart factories...

Is Your Software Commercially Ready for Public Cloud Consumption?

Considering the explosive growth in cloud computing (96% of companies use cloud services) and the “subscription-based economy” trend, it’s not surprising that many ISVs...

Project Management for Software Development: Which Method is Right for You?

Project management for software development projects can help you set a realistic timeline and budget, keep developers on track, help your team work most...

5 Can’t-Miss Tips for Building your Sales Channel

Most software companies that are interested in growing beyond "lifestyle business" status consider selling through the channel (e.g., VARs, integrators, MSPs, solution providers) at...

6 Tips for Building a Winning Corporate Culture

As you think about all the things on your "to do" list to make your ISV company successful, where does "build a great corporate...

Where Are You on Your DevOps Journey?

The term DevOps has been around for nearly a decade, yet there’s still a lot of hype and confusion surrounding it. Since it’s such...

This ISV’s Consultative Approach and EMV-Compliant Solution Leads to Year-Over-Year Growth

Company: Amber Systems Technology (AST) Founded: 2004 2017 Revenue Growth Rate: 25% 2018 projected revenue growth rate: 35%-plus Employees: 10 Phone: (925) 417-0762 Website: www.astpos.com Verticals: Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail, Wholesale Since its...

ACE POS Helps a Sporting Goods Retailer Solve its Online Sales Challenges

Company Name: ACE POS Solutions Founded: 2016 Location: Toronto, Canada Number of Employees: 15 Annual Revenue Growth in 2017: 15% Projected Revenue Growth in...